These Companies Have Joined Us Because They Believe In Our Dream As Much As We Do

These companies have decided to join us on our adventures and help us continue them with comfort and happiness by providing us with some of their products or services. We are extremely thankful for them and their contributions. We personally sought out all of these sponsors because we love their products and could see them meshing well with our lifestyle. Please visit their websites and buy, you’ll love them too. And tell them we sent you. 

Sticking with us over many years, these companies have shown their approval for what we do and found us worthy of continuous support. Any company that has backed us for more than one year can be found here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.15.43 PMA lifetime warranty is not something you commonly find anymore, but the people behind Peppers believe in their product and put their customers first. This family-owned and operated business has created polarized sunglasses that keep up with the trends, hold up to your needs during extensive sports, even having a Floating Polarized collection, and they are not ridiculously priced like most sunglasses out there. At these prices, you can have multiple pairs of sunglasses to suit your every activity and know that your eyes are being properly protected. They are now the first pair I reach for when stepping out.

SnapperRockA move from New Zealand to Annapolis, the founder of Snapper Rock saw the need for fun, fresh, and functional, protective gear for kids on the water. The line was launched for the junior sailing market, but then expanded the range for children 0-12+,  and so they know exactly what our sailing girls need. They have created UPF clothing to protect kids in the sun, without taking away their fun. They have combined the right fabrics, colors, and designs to make clothes that are not only smart but cool as well.

My go-to company for anything bright and beautiful. There is no way not to smile when wearing something from Pitusa. Their clothes are neon, have pom-poms, and tons of other fun add-ons to bring a smile to your face. They also have the deep plunges, the see-through materials, and the style to make you feel sexy while looking AMAZING!

I’m usually not a fan of “mommy and me” styles, most companies make it all look so cheesy, but Jill Yoga has done it right. This brand makes activewear that is super cute, comfy, warm, and best of all, durable. They have also created clothing that looks as great when matching with your little one, as when they are worn individually. The girls think they are hilarious when I come out of my room wearing something and they secretly go and change into their identical Jill Yoga outfits! Tricked into mommy & me matching!

When I was looking to add vitamins + supplements to our diet I started looking at what our options were. I stumbled across OBY.MX online and they checked all the boxes. They had the specific supplements I was looking for, as well as taking an approach I REALLY appreciate, vitamins + supplements that are carefully combined to give the highest quality with the ADEQUATE dose that our bodies actually need. Some supplements try to sell you by saying they have this insane amount of dose in their pills, but more is not always better, and often too much on one thing can do more damage than good. This is why I really like that OBY worked with nutritionists and chemists to ensure you get the right amount of the good stuff.

Bonus for me, who loves a good face serum, is that the above brand has a sister-company that makes BAKÜ (bakuchiol) serums. Bakuchiol is like natural retinol, but much less harsh on the skin. I immediately wanted to try all of them! But started with 3. I figured for my needs the Bakü Hydrating/Tonifying serum, the Bakü Filler Wrinkle serum, and the Bakü Glowing Skin Serum, would be the perfect start.

We have been loving this affordable wetsuit line. They make wetsuits for both kids and adults at a price range that you can afford to buy for the entire family. Their snorkel sets have also become the girls’ new favorite.

Our latest excursion was with Sunrider tours. We went on their Espiritu Santo + Sea Lion tour and it was so fun. We have done a tour like this before, but this time the comfort was another level. Instead of being on a panga (which is quite uncomfortable pounding into the waves for an hour to get to the snorkeling spot), this company has a comfy power-catamaran (with a bathroom on board!) that takes you there. They were very well set up for family excursions, with snacks, lunch, and a very attentive guide. I 100% recommend this tour group.

I know that a lot of phones are now rated as OK to go underwater, but the idea of it still terrifies me. So I wanted a case that I could trust to have my phone in while we go snorkeling, surfing, or just playing in the jacuzzi. I looked at several different housings, and the Divevolk Sea Touch series was coming super recommended. Now that I have a SeaTouch 3 PRO in hand I can assure you that this housing is made for our underwater adventures. It’s so exciting to be able to take underwater pictures and videos from my iPhone!

Since our first excursion with Magdalena Bay Whales we have gone back two more times, once to swim with Marlin (YES THAT’S A THING!!!!), and the second time to see the whales again. Here’s the blog post about our time with Magdalena Bay Whales. I cannot recommend these excursions more, we absolutely love them.

Chatbooks are an amazing gift to give or to have around the house. Our girls love seeing “physical” pictures of themselves and being able to look at our adventures. I also got one for my mom last Christmas and it was so easy to do, create the photobook online and they printed and shipped it directly to her (Such a great way to give a gift to a loved one when you don’t live near them).

Swimzip is one of Arias’ favorite bathing suit brands. If you are looking for fun, long-sleeved surf suits (and maybe even a matching mommy+me one) go check out this brand.

We got ourselves some new bedsheets and a duvet cover and I really love them. PitayaHome is a Mexican brand that has found a way to combine comfortable sheets with a reasonable price point. I’ll need to get myself a few more sets so that I can mix and match the styles but always have their sheets on our bed.

It’s no secret that I love face creams and products! But this is the first time in my life that I have a full skincare routine with one singular brand. It makes it so easy. I have the full package with Quotidien and has made my mornings and evenings face care so simple.

I was on the search for a brand of vitamins here in MX, that were good quality and wouldn’t cost me a fortune. I came across Vital Botanics online and got ahold of them right away to have them help recommend some vitamins for me. My favorite part is that each one of their containers comes with a high pill count, meaning I don’t have to order more every month!

Pepper Sacks is an MX company that makes “Puff” seating. We recently acquired 3 of their seats (2 Curves and 1 Love Seat) and we love them. Because they are so durable, weather-resistant, and lightweight, it is easy to move them around inside the house as well as bring them upstairs to our rooftop patio.

These are great for chilling and watching tv, and for lounging upstairs by the hot tub. The girls also keep “stealing” these and placing them around the house for their personal seating! They are getting A LOT of use.

We had a Viqua water treatment system on our sailboat. We got a Viqua water treatment system for our property in the BC Rocky Mountains. And now we are proud to say that we have not one, but two, Viqua water treatment systems for our house in Todos Santos, BCS. We have trusted this company for so many years now, as it is a reliable and economical way to treat drinking water. We are looking forward to installing it here and having potable water in our entire house!

Going to see the whales up close has been on our bucket list since moving to Todos Santos. We booked with Magdalena Bay Whales and went and spent two nights at their whale camp, going on a whale excursion, seeing a ton of marine life, and getting the additional fun of mangroves and sand dunes. The camp was great and the food there was super yummy. We have great memories of our adventure and were sad to leave. Here’s the blog post about our time with Magdalena Bay Whales.

Chatbooks are an amazing gift to give or to have around the house. Our girls love seeing “physical” pictures of themselves and being able to look at our adventures. I also got one for my mom last Christmas and it was so easy to do, create the photobook online and they printed and shipped it directly to her (Such a great way to give a gift to a loved one when you don’t live near them).

Our girls are pros at wearing sunscreen. Bare Republic has gone a step further and found a way to make it “fun” to wear sunscreen. Now when I tell the girls to re-apply there are no questions asked, it’s an immediate “Yes Mama”. The secret, make the sunscreens fun! The girls have GLITTER sunscreen sticks, making them look like shimmery mermaids each time they apply…and we have neon sticks on the way!

It’s one thing to watch the whales from the shores of Todos Santos, it’s a completely other experience getting on one of Cabo Trek‘s boats to get a closer look, learning about the whales from a marine biologist, and getting to listen to their “whale song” via their hydrophone. It was such a fun experience for our entire family. Read about our Cabo Trek Whale Watching Tour in this post.

I use Perfect Image products for my “deep” skincare routines (I’m talking about facial peels, deep moisturizing, and professional-grade cleansing. I have been using this brand for years and will continue using it. I notice a difference in my skin every time I use their products.

This is my newest, most favorite skin cream regimen. Their products feel so good going on. They don’t leave me feeling slimy or sticky. It’s hard to explain, but it actually feels like you are putting on a silky cream that immediately absorbs. I am 100% recommending Tizo to anyone who wants to protect and/or repair their skin.

For my 37th birthday, we are going to party like we are 21 all over again! The Coco Bongo show has hit Cabo and Eben and I are going to see what it’s all about. A typical night there involves a DJ, live shows, circus acts, projected videos, balloons, soap bubbles, and confetti. We are going for the VIP experience…it may take us a week to recover, but it is bound to be a night to be remembered!

I’m usually not a fan of “mommy and me” styles, most companies make it all look so cheesy, but Jill Yoga has done it right. This brand makes activewear that is super cute, comfy, warm, and best of all, durable. They have also created clothing that looks as great when matching with your little one, as when they are worn individually. The girls think they are hilarious when I come out of my room wearing something and they secretly go and change into their identical Jill Yoga outfits! Tricked into mommy & me matching!

These water bottles are durable. I mean, the girls have been using them daily for the last 3 years and they are still going strong. We can definitely attest that Zoku bottles are built strong!

SnapperRockA move from New Zealand to Annapolis, the founder of Snapper Rock saw the need for fun, fresh, and functional, protective gear for kids on the water. The line was launched for the junior sailing market, but then expanded the range for children 0-12+,  and so they know exactly what our sailing girls need. They have created UPF clothing to protect kids in the sun, without taking away their fun. They have combined the right fabrics, colors, and designs to make clothes that are not only smart but cool as well.

Swimzip is a new swimsuit brand that the girls (and I) have just started using this year. If you are looking for fun, long-sleeved surf suits (and maybe even a matching mommy+me one) go check out this brand.

My go-to company for anything bright and beautiful. There is no way not to smile when wearing something from Pitusa. Their clothes are neon, have pom-poms, and tons of other fun add-ons to bring a smile to your face. They also have the deep plunges, the see-through materials, and the style to make you feel sexy while looking AMAZING! They have also added Pitusa Kids to their brand, meaning that the girls also get to have their amazing clothes.

I’ve personally teamed up with Free-Cult / I Elects clothing. One of their ads popped up in my facebook feed and I loved their trendy tanks and shirts. I was a little weary about getting clothing online from a company that I had never tried on before, but am happy with what I got. The tanks I got are soft, true to size, and will fit in nicely with my USVI vacation wardrobe. They’ve also given me a 15% off discount code to share: NECESSITY.

Not much can beat super trendy kids clothes, except for when they have twinning mommy looks for me to look as cool as my littles. The girls (AND I!) just got these really cute distressed “Blair” crop tops from Ministreet, and I can’t wait to rock out in them. It’s so great being able to collaborate with this Canadian brand and show off clothes that are not only trendy enough for kids, but trendy for moms too.

When we started to refit our sailboat, one of the first purchases Eben made was to get a Sailrite LSZ-1 sewing machine. That machine has been with us from the get-go, and still is. Eben learned the craft of canvas work and does it so well. It saved us so much money being able to redo all the canvas on our own boat, and made us money having Eben do the canvas on friends boats. When we sold the sailboat, the LSZ-1 came with us. That machine has travelled! It served us so well in the past, and will continue to serve us when we start making custom shades and furniture for our home and rentals here in Todos Santos.

I’m usually not a fan of “mommy and me” styles, most companies make it all look so cheesy, but Jill Yoga has done it right. This brand makes activewear that is super cute, comfy, warm, and best of all, durable. They have also created clothing that looks as great when matching with your little one, as when they are worn individually. The girls think they are hilarious when I come out of my room wearing something and they secretly go and change into their identical Jill Yoga outfits! Tricked into mommy & me matching!

I have been on the fence for a while about trying menstrual undies. I’ve been lurking in the shadows watching as some of these companies have been growing momentum and a following, but was still skeptical about how well they ACTUALLY work. I have wanted to go for a more eco solution than all the plastic I was using with pads and tampons, but menstrual cups never worked for me. So I decided to give Modibodi‘s period panties a go (they had top reviews). Let me say, “I LOVE THEM!” They do exactly what they claim to do, keeping me leak-free and eco friendly. Love, Love, Love them.

After a dermatologist (not so vaguely) told me that I had extensive damage from years of living in the sun, I figured it was time that I start taking skincare a little more seriously. I got online, and with some guidance from a friend of what I should be looking for, I came across Perfect Image. Whenever I hear of a product reducing wrinkles, my ears perk up. But sadly most don’t do what they say they can. I have, however, seen a real difference with these products. I got myself the powerhouse combo of Salicylic gel cleanser, Glycolic peel, Hydra-repair cream, and the Microlumina facial scrub.

Talk about the softest and comfiest clothes you will ever own. As soon as Eben and I put our Uranta sweaters on we couldn’t stop petting them! Sounds hilarious, but it’s true. They are super soft and cozy. I am so happy we came across this brand because not only do they support good causes through their Stitches That Matter, and grow a sustainable and fair trade community, but they have created these “sports wear” clothes that are fashionable. I will now be that person that wears her yoga leggings everywhere! We love their clothes and philosophy so much that we’ve decided to become affiliates with Uranta, meaning that, at no extra cost to you, with every $10 purchase you make via our link, $1 gets sent our way!

Remember Pitusa, my favorite line of bright and beautiful beach clothing? The ones with pom poms. Well they have now launched a Pitusa Kids!!! Which means our girls can now dress in bright neon, just like me. We are going to be rocking this Mommy-and-Me for sure.

I don’t know what kind of bad luck my water bottle has but it gets knocked over at least twice a day but every member of our family! I know it is about to die on me. So I decided it was time to make a switch to some nice stainless steel ones (that won’t break if knocked over!). We’ve worked with Zoku before so I was stoked to see their line of water bottles, and they just released some new beautiful designs. We got some for the entire family!

I couldn’t write it better than they did on their own site: “QuiQuattro was established in 2014, born out of a need to do right by international artisans whose hard work, attention to detail, and passion for design are not always appreciated in a global economy that values profit above all else. By providing sustainable economic opportunities for international artisans, we aim to create a viable marketplace for their products in North America. ” What an amazing reason to start a business, providing the world with the beautiful items these artisans make…and we all know how much I love me some turkish towels! QuiQuattro makes dresses out of them!

For me, going to the beach is less about sitting around and getting a tan, and more about enjoying the sun, sand and ocean. I usually spend most of my time chasing the girls, splashing around in the water, and building sandcastles. Those teeny-weeny bikinis aren’t so practical for my life. Instead, I am super excited to be collaborating with Honubelle swimwear, which is a brand that was created by, fellow Canadian, Julia. The swimwear is simple and functional with just the right touch of sexy-edge. I don’t have to worry about things riding up or popping out, but I also don’t have to feel like I am fully covered and boring. This surfwear completely suits where I am at in life right now.

What is there not to love about this company. First, it is Canadian!!!, second, their clothes are absolutely adorable, third the clothes are ethically made with organic materials, and lastly, they are Eben approved “those dresses are great”. Mini Mioche makes simple, effortless style so that our kids can look adorable while doing what they do best, play.

There are a couple of things that caught my eye about this skincare brand. 1) In their products they combined the best of what nature provides (to fight my wrinkles!) with synthetic ingredients that have been HIGHLY researched and analyzed. This is super important to someone like me with sensitive skin; and 2) they have consciously chosen to keep their packaging and marketing simple in order to offer great products at accessible prices. I wouldn’t say I’m cheap, but sometimes when I see the costs of certain skin products they immediately get crossed off my list, but QRxLabs prices are totally manageable in my opinion.

A huge bonus to Cosmedica Skincare products is that they have a minimalist philosophy when it comes to skin care. They don’t have unnecessary additives, dyes, and perfumes. All those “extras” that cause me more skin issues. Instead they use the most effective active ingredients while keeping it all natural. Add to that, they are at an extremely affordable price point, means that I am totally willing to try them and hope they are my new “fountain of youth”.

I’d met Angela, a local metalsmith and jewelry artist, a couple of times at the markets in Todos Santos. We always chat about new adventures on the docket or hikes that she’d recently accomplished. Not only is this chick busy doing inspiring things (soon to be hiking to base camp!), but she is also extremely talented. Her jewelry is so unique and beautiful. She combines different elements (gems and metals), and her inspiration in art and nature to organically come up with these pieces that are completely my style. And the style of many others! Check out her website, and her facebook page where you can see videos of her making her jewelry (it’s mesmerizing!)

I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than being able to apply purchase power to something worthy. LuxReve jewelry is not only stunning in itself, but it is handmade by an inspiring woman pursuing her dreams, as well as having a percentage of her yearly profits going towards a good cause (OAS). The jewelry that Kristin creates with precious metals and gemstones are standout pieces. It’s piece shimmers and shines, adding a touch of class to any outfit. Her work also has a unique enough look that when I see strangers wearing LuxReve I immediately know they are her creations.

Eben said this is his favourite collaboration yet! The reason? You all know my obsession with Turkish towels, well Eben is still drawn to more traditional-style towels. Enchante Home gives us what we both want. They make these absorbent and fluffy towels that are smooth and cozy (like traditional towels) but make them with 100% Turkish cotton. Everyone is happy. We also got a couple of their Diamante Throws and I am so glad we did. They are extremely stylish, and perfect for our cool Baja evenings. All their items are helping me make our casita beautifully decorated.

You know when you walk by a piece of clothing and fall in love with it. Does that happen to you? It does to me. And then I think about it and think about it, obsess about it, until I own it. RIPPA is the perfect example of this. I saw there clothes at a “pop-up” in Todos Santos and knew I needed them! You can tell just by looking at the clothing that it is made with a lot of love and creativity. From the design to the textile choices, it is beautifully unique. And as if all that wasn’t enough to make me want them, I love working with local brands.

We started the year off right with an amazing day trip to swim with sea lions and whale sharks in the bay of La Paz. Talk about a bucket-list adventure! Being within arms reach of these wild animals, in their own habitat, left us on a “high” for days! Our whole family came back with fun stories to recount. And the fact that we could bring our two girls to have such an incredible experience made our hearts so happy. The Cortez Club gave us something we will never forget. They made our trip absolutely amazing, from making our girls feel comfortable in the water around the sea lion pups, to making sure little Ellia to see close up just how big a whale shark is.

One of the fun parts of living in Baja is getting to play tourists whenever we want to try something different. This area has so much to offer. When spending a night in Cabo we decided to check out the Wirikuta Show. We were spoiled with VIP service, a delicious buffet-style meal (and drinks!), and a colorful and mesmerizing show. The location of the show is also extremely amazing, all of it being outdoor, right in the Wirikuta gardens.

This intimate resort was the perfect place for our family to spend our New Years Eve day. The staff made every member of our family feel like royalty (which the girls especially loved!) by making sure we were enjoying ourselves at every point in our meal. They all introduced themselves, introduced the meals, and showed their genuine passion for food and service. It was the type of attention and care that felt welcoming and luxurious without leaving us feeling out of place for having kids with us. Going as a family made the entire day even more special as we could introduce them to delicious new flavours that were made with them in mind, and that were truly “farm-to-table”. I have a feeling we will be visiting this place again, and again, and again!

Enough of the girls getting all the fun sponsorships…we just landed one of my favourite ones. Church & State has come out with a delicious wine that “speaks for itself”. Lost Inhibitions is a Sassy wine that is guaranteed to make you laugh. I get half of my fun from reading all of their hilarious labels and choosing which suits the occasion best, the other half of the fun comes from drinking the wine 😉

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 6.41.48 PMBamboo fabric is known to be a cooler material, wicks away moister, and  helps repel odors and allergens. Everything a boat in a humid environment needs. We chose Cariloha’sbrand because they have managed to combine the amazing attributes of bamboo with that island feel that I love. We refitted all of our beds with Cariloha’sbamboo sheets and duvet covers, blankets and a bath mat; and I must say, they feel amazing. The girls call them their princess sheets, because they are soft enough that a princess should be using them. They are cooler to the touch, and make me even lazier because I don’t want to leave my bed in the morning.

This hotel has become our home-away-from-home whenever we are passing through Calgary. The girls love knowing that we’re going to the hotel with the “fun swimming pool and big free breakfast”. This hotel is minutes away from the YYC airport, making it the perfect start and end point to any trip. We are grateful to collaborate with the Hampton Inn by Hilton Calgary North Airport, and getting to be return customers of theirs.

To say we go through a lot of soda water would be a huge understatement. We use it for making fun cocktails, kids drinks, and of course our evening margaritas. We used to buy soda water, but always feel bad about the amount of plastic waste that creates. But now we no longer have to feel bad when having a drink because we got our hands our very own Sodastream Fizzi.

The name Zoku means “family” in Japanese. And this company takes that meaning to heart. Although they are mostly known for their housewares, they are actually a home where innovations can come to reality. What do you do when you want a popsicle asap? You grab your Zoku Quick Pop maker and have a yummy homemade popsicle in hand in minutes! We own two of their popsicle makers, to suit both of our lives, in Canada and Mexico! For making popsicles and paletas, no matter which country we are in!

My go-to company for anything bright and beautiful. There is no way not to smile when wearing something from Pitusa. Their clothes are neon, have pom-poms, and tons of other fun add-ons to bring a smile to your face. They also have the deep plunges, the see-through materials, and the style to make you feel sexy while looking AMAZING!

What is there not to love about this company. First, it is Canadian!!!, second, their clothes are absolutely adorable, third the clothes are ethically made with organic materials, and lastly, they are Eben approved “those dresses are great”. Mini Mioche makes simple, effortless style so that our kids can look adorable while doing what they do best, play.

Mother of 3, Stephanie, couldn’t find clothes for her kids that were comfortable, unique, and full of personality, she decided to make some herself. The response to what she created was overwhelming. There is no doubt why. Our girls love their This Tribe Of Three rompers. The clothes she designs are funky and super comfy. According to Ellia her romper is soft enough to want to sleep in it!

I love a story with a happy ending. And I love fashion. So when those two collide I am “sold”. Manos Zapotecas is such an instance. When founder, Shelly Tennyson, was volunteering with a microfinance non-profit in a small village in Oaxaca, Mexico, she came to meet many extremely talented weavers. Even though these artisans were receiving loans and business classes, Shelley realized that without buyers these hardworking women would not be able to support themselves or their families. This is when Manos Zapotecas came to be. This company now sells bags globally to socially conscious consumers. They work to nurture long lasting relationships with the communities and artisans they are involved with, and the result is absolutely stunning purses, bags, and house decor.

Gray Label is a kids’ clothing line (for ages 0-8) that focuses on simplicity. In a world that is full of frills and busy prints, they choose to focus on colour and design instead. They make timeless pieces out of 100% organic fabrics, that are practical and comfy. And they are absolutely beautiful. The clothes make me slightly envious of my girls wardrobe.

Henry & Bros have created kids blankets that are so soft and beautiful that we currently have three. Their blankets are reversible, breathable, and 100% cotton. For someone who very much loves non-colour colours (black, white, grey), I fell in love with their rainbow blankets and now each girl has one…we also have a black & white one!

Married couple Tiffany and Matt put their creative minds together to create Moonlit13. This brand makes a ton of fun casual clothing that says (in original artwork and typography) just what you were thinking. Not only are their clothes extremely fun, they also support a great cause. The brand donates a portion of all their profits to the non-profit, 826 National. Talk about making you feel good about looking good!

We have stayed at many hotels over our years of travel, but the Hilton hotels never cease to impress us. On our last trip to Europe we finished off staying at the wonderful Hilton London Gatwick Airport Hotel. We especially loved this stay because our family room was huge, the girls each had their own beds, and BEST OF ALL, it was only a short walk to our airport gate. No commute, no traffic, just walking from hotel to gate, easy. The girls loved this hotel because they were spoiled with juices, desserts, and Princess Packets at the hotel’s Garden Restaurant. This hotel made for a great last night in London.

I never imagined that we would be taking off on a cycling trip, especially with kids. But Tripsite makes cycling holidays attainable for every budget and every type, including families! Via this family-owned company one can peruse their huge portfolio of tours that span Europe, Asia & beyond, as well as varied interests of gastronomy, luxury, spa trips, and budget-friendly. We have enjoyed their amazing customer service where they have been answering our every question and helping us figure out what we need to make this family cycling trip the very best possible.

With the amount of hotels that we stay in, it is always fun to land in one that is unique. Dormero definitely fits that bill. This hotel has found humorous ways to make your hotel stay anything but the ordinary. With their bold colors, their funny stickers and door hangers, and ultra modern design, they take their hotel from the usual hum-drum and bump it up to dark and slightly riskay.

We’ve taken out the stress of arriving in a new country away from our future travels to Munich by pairing up with Limos4 Germany. This premium limousine service will have one of their professional drivers waiting for us at the airport to safely deliver us to our hotel. They have a fleet of high-standard vehicles, including the family-friendly Mercedes V-Class Van we’ll be riding in. And they are providing car seats for our girls, taking out any complications we may have. They are providing us with the opportunity to make travelling with kids easy and classy.

A few years ago we promised the girls that “one day” we would take them to the Happiest Place On Earth, DISNEYLAND! This year was the year! It was their first experience (as well as my own), and it was such an amazing day. It was completely overwhelming, fun, exhilarating, and magical. If you haven’t had the joy of visiting this place, it is worth going, at least once. No matter your age, you are sure to have fun.

The Hilton name comes with a certain amount of prestige. During our travels we love experiencing the brands different hotels around the world and the types of perks and luxuries that they offer. Our recent stay at Hotel Munich Park was beyond amazing. They did everything possible to make us feel at home and completely spoiled. This hotel checked all the right boxes for us, stunning view over the English Garden, all the amenities to keep our girls entertained, great location next to famous sites, and extremely close to public transit to discover the rest of the city. This has definitely been one of our favorite Hilton stays.

What do you get when three childhood buddies get together and reminisce over long ago pictures? These amazing tees. The trio that created Threadtank realized that people can tell their story without evening uttering a word, letting their graphic tees do the work for them. Going through their vast array of shirts with slogans you are sure to find one to suit your life, and many that will make you laugh. Get ready to tell your story.

What little girl doesn’t want to be a mermaid!? Sun Tail Mermaid found the perfect way for making that dream come true for many little girls by creating comfortable fins and tails. And for those little ones that are still to new to swimming to have their feet attached together, they have created open-ended tails where their feet can kick freely. Our girls love their tails and brag about them to everyone who will listen.

Anegada, BVI is a unique island, nothing like the rest of the Virgin Islands. While you visit this gem make sure you spend some time at the Anegada Beach Club. This resort has everything one needs to some perfect relaxation time. Every time we go to the island we spend many days lounging in the ABC pool, enjoying the food and drinks of their bars and restaurant, and basking on their beach. During our last visit we also added the extra experience of their luxury beach tents. Talk about glamping! This place is definitely bucket list worthy.

Want to improve your GoPro photography? Split has just what you need to turn your pictures from normal into intriguingly SPLIT. By using their domes as an attachment on your  gopro camera you can move the water away from your lens, allowing you to capture those fun half and half pictures, showing off what’s going on both above and below the waterline. Their gadget makes your images sharper and cleaner, it increases the field of view and decreases underwater magnification. With this your pictures will blow all others out of the water.

sailriteEben has sewn on many machines since he was young, and Sailrite takes the cake by far. They have a great gearing system that allows for small amount of power draw and a huge amount of power in the needle. They also come with some of the best customer service we have ever seen. Eben has spent hours on the phone with some of their techs, getting advice on how to use the machine best. Hands down this is the best sewing machine a boat could have, and it pays for itself once you have accomplished a few DIY projects rather than sourcing out. We have used ours extensively over the last five years, and it is, for sure, one of the most used “tools” on our ship.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.23.49 PM Lowepro is definitely the place to look if you want something cool, practical, and trusted, to carry around your camera gear. We found exactly what we were looking for in the Lowepro photo hatchback 16L backpack. It is small, low profile, inconspicuous, and extremely functional. I love that I can now carry around our camera and extras, as well as all the other tidbits that you need on a walkabout with kids. Our camera now gets to leave the boat on a daily basis, and its mainly thanks to these guys. Check em out.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 12.36.17 PMI am proud to announce that I have been selected as a Brand Ambassador for FIG. This is a Canadian clothing company that has this tagline:  FIG Clothing is a Canadian sportswear brand for active, urban and elegant women who love to travel. The collection is inspired by adventure and practicality. It is designed for those in need of versatility.” This sounds just like me! I am proud to wear a Canadian brand, sport their awesome clothes, and share the pics with you.

We always knew that the Nanny Cay marina is a pretty amazing place. It has everything that a boater could want, all within walking distance. We recently got to experience how the “land side” of Nanny Cay (their resort) has just as much to offer. With a pool, a beach, a beach bar, restaurants, shops, a grocery store, and a rope swing, there is nothing missing from this place for full enjoyment. We had a blast staying there, and think its a great spot for people to stay at, on land or on water.

I love toys that aren’t just toys, ones that make our girls use their brains and creativity. Every holiday or occasion I search out the latest toys/games that will not only entertain the girls but also make them smarter. This Christmas I found Roominate, these sets push kids to use their cognitive skills, building brains, and introduce them to elements of engineering and electricity.

Our girls are finally old enough to delve into the world of robotics, and I don’t see a more fun way to do that than with the many robots from WowWee. This company makes a huge range of toys, for the young and old (Eben loves them too, and he’s old!! hahaha) from Chip the robot dog, who adapts to your behaviour, to Mip, who you guide through coding.

roshamboDid you know that pediatric optometrists warn that baby eyes have less natural UV protectors than adult eyes and nearly 50% of all UV damage in a persons lifetime occurs before adulthood. To help lessen these effects RoShambo was created by a husband and wife team that produce safe and funky 90’s style sunglasses for babies. There is so much I like about this company, from the fact that your purchase helps support the Autism Research Institute, to their baby sunglasses, to their self-created positions in their company, Chief Everything Officer and Chief Worry Officer. We think their sunglasses are genius. Finally baby sunglasses made of a flexible material so they won’t break when Ellia takes them off and plays with them. Eben says he wants a pair.

Building our yurt ourselves, we started searching for the very best materials to construct it with. There are so many how-to sites, and so many material options, but we found one we felt stood out, Naizil. They are Canadian manufacturers (we love promoting companies from our own country!) that create coated fabrics for a huge range of projects, big and small. Their specs impressed us and their customer service was impeccable. We really feel their coated fabric will keep us warm and dry in our mountain-home. We look forward to using their material to make our yurt the perfect home.

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-11-52-10-amIn what started as a company, or better yet, an artist that created sculptures for the movie industry, DreamCast Designs has grown into a group of incredibly talented people that now hand-craft fine concrete products for indoor and outdoor use. When I saw their fire pits I knew that I wanted one for the deck of our future home. It is stylish, beautiful, and will make for the perfect ambiance for an evening with friends. We cannot wait to put it to use.

Obasan has realized that having a good night’s sleep is not only about your sleep, it also affects the way you live. Getting a good sleep has been proven to help relieve stress, improve cognitive skills, and contribute to a healthy life. And so they take their slogan of “Sleep Well, Live Well” seriously. This company finds the finest organic materials and then ships them back to Canada (our home country!) and hand-crafts every mattress and sleep accessory. Given that we want to give ourselves a leg-up on life, it only seems smart to start with the best product to rest our heads on at night.

One can’t build a home without the proper apparel for it! A new build, a new adventure, requires new attire (since my bikinis wouldn’t quite cut it!), and so we stocked up on the world’s number one manufacturer of work apparel, a name brand that every body knows, Dickies. These guys have provided us with the right clothes to do what we will be doing, safely, comfortably, and covered in warmth.

When choosing which hot water heater would best suit our future Eco-home, Marey‘s quickly jumped to the top of my list. Not only does this company produce affordable hot-water on demand units, they also make an effort to produce units that can suit everyone’s needs, even ours, for an off-the-grid home. Their name is reputable and their business is a family one, all of these factors made it that Marey was our number one choice.

dual-brand-logo-lockupWe recently got to stay at both the Homewood Suites and Hampton Inn by the Calgary airport, and both left us extremely happy with our time there. The rooms were a good size for our family of four, and the amenities like the swimming pool and gym left our family having a blast and also allowing us to keep up with our daily routines. They are both perfectly located if you are flying in and out, as the airport is within sight, and have a Tim Horton’s just around the corner! (A Canadian “must”).

STIHL_Standard-orRGB-100The first step to building our off-the-grid home will be to clear some space out of the very dense forest for it. To take on such a large endeavour we are trusting one chainsaw company based on three things: 1) the fact that they are the world’s leading chain saw brand, 2) that they have over 85 years in the industry, engineering state-of-the-art equipment, and 3) that they came recommended by my brother-in-law, who knows his tools in this department. This is why we have paired up with STIHL to ensure that the first step of our adventure is done safely and efficiently.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 5.34.32 PMWhen two people meet, one with a childhood plagued by night terrors now turned father and physician, and a skilled medical device innovator, their brainchild is a unique device that could change the lives of parents around the world. Together they created the Lully Sleep Guardian (and now have the Sleep Guardian 2 as well). The 2 is a smart little device that is placed under the mattress of a child bothered by night terrors. It learns your child’s sleep pattern, and vibrates at just the right time to soothe them into their next sleep cycle without the disruption of night terrors. Once it senses that your child stirs, it turns itself off. This means the child stay’s asleep and the parents can too! We are very excited to try this device as we have 2 kids with night terror issues, so stay tuned!

It was a funny coincidence that I came across Pitusa‘s instagram page and loved their clothes, and the following day I ran into someone wearing their clothes, while in Zanzibar! Just from the style I knew right away that it was one of theirs, and that I wanted one too. They make exactly the style of clothes I love, being beautiful and comfortable. This company embraces color and style and makes clothing that everyone can wear. Love em. 


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.56.48 PM

Being a brand ambassador for a company that ACTUALLY makes swimwear for every body type is something that I am proud to represent. Sunsets inc has created 6, yes 6, different lines of swimwear to make sure that every woman finds a swimsuit that compliments her body and makes her feel amazing about herself. When I was invited to be an ambassador for them, I had the most difficult time narrowing down what bathing suits I wanted because they have so many that appealed to me; which is a great thing to be able to say about a company. I hope you enjoy the pictures of me in them as much as I enjoy wearing them!

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 1.10.34 PMOn our recent Edmonton stay-cation we got to stay at two of the Hilton’s hotels, Home2 Suites and the DoubleTree. The neighbouring hotels were both perfectly suited for our family of four. In Home2 Suites we had a fully kitted suite, even including a dishwasher! We loved the extra space in the room and how comfortable we could get even though we were only there one night. At the DoubleTree we got that extra touch of class, a breakfast buffet so good we never wanted it to close, and don’t even get me started on their cookies!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.32.06 PMAfter a month of searching online for a program to help assist me with teaching homeschooling I found Reading Eggs + Math Seeds. These are online programs that teach the girls English and Math. They are extremely interactive, well laid out, have a ton of extra materials, printouts, and guidance for homeschoolers, and have good graphics. The girls can pretty much do them all on their own with the iPad app. They have their lessons, reading books, quizzes, testing after every five levels, and send the parents emails of the child’s progress so you know where they are excelling and where they could use more practice. For the quality of their programs, the cost is extremely reasonable and we are loving them.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.38.00 PMIf Eben could eat everything in smoothie form he definitely would. He loves the stuff. Unfortunately for him, over the last several years we have been using a 12volt blender on our sailboat, and that thing seemed to struggle with simply mixing stuff. Now we are upgrading to a Vitamix blender. With this beast of a machine we will be able to make whatever smoothies, soups, sauces, etc that our stomachs desire. I am super excited at the thought of putting some of my recipes to the test.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.26.07 PMFor the days when I don’t feel like wearing a backpack, or need to look a little dressier than a backpack can allow, I now have my Lo & Sons purse. It’s the perfect combination of purse and camera bag, and can serve as both, together or separately. I love the classy look of it, the simplicity, and the style and versatility it gives me. It also does a great job at concealing the fact that my purse may contain a very expensive camera in it, perfect for travelling around.

swellproHow much cooler is our videography and photography going to get now that we have a Splash Drone from Swellpro?! It’s going to be amazing! This is the world’s 1st amphibious & waterproof drone, perfect for our ocean lifestyle. With this drone we are hoping to get some beautiful footage of our boat sailing, and also the waters we are sailing with. And since it is amphibious we have a little less worry if it goes anywhere near the water! To Eben’s delight we got the drone in his favorite color, bright orange!

sailor bagsThere’s no better way to represent the sailor in us than by carrying one of these on our backs. SailorBags makes a multitude of bags out of a custom woven sailcloth that keeps the stiffness out of the cloth but still leaves it with the durability and wearability that we need for it to endure our lifestyle, on the boat, and with the girls. They are good looking bags with a nautical feel to top it off. We’ve been putting ours to the tests and it is withstanding us well, making our boatworthy list. And a nice added bonus, they are extremely fast at responding to our emails and getting stuff shipped out in a very timely manner. One-year later our bag is still holding up great, now we’re getting a 2nd.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 3.28.56 PMPhotography has become a pretty big part of our lives, as you can tell with all the pictures we take! So it’s not surprising that we take the utmost care with our gear so it lasts as long as possible. That means doing our best to not hand the camera over to our 6 year to take the shots…how do we avoid this!? By getting professional tripod. We went for Joby‘s Gorillapod Focus, because not only can it wrap around and mount to almost anything, but it can also handle the size and weight of our DSLR. Now the only peeps we trust the camera with are myself, Eben, and “the pod“.

If you have a kid that travels, Trunki has some of the cutest gear to make your little one feel like they just as well equipped as you. Both our girls have the Paddlepaks, which they wear everywhere! And the cutest part (for us anyways) is that they have a nautical aspect to them. Arias has a lobster pak and Ellia has an octopus. These bags are water-resistant, making them great for dinghy rides, or anything that your kids could throw into them for day and travel purposes. We also have the Yondi neck pillow, which has already been extremely useful with all of the flying we have been doing in 2016. I definitely recommend these as gifts for little ones, they are just too cute and practical.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 5.00.53 PMIf you are in the Edmonton area and are looking for something fun to do, checking out the a mall the size of a small city is definitely worth it. This is not just a mall, West Edmonton Mall is a place with attractions, food, and shopping for everyone. Although we lived in this city for many years, we still go back to check out the mall with our every visit home. Here you will find fun attractions to experience like an indoor waterpark, an amusement park, a skating rink, a marine life show, a bowling alley, a movie theatre, and more. And those are all extras on top of the endless shopping and eating you could do here!

Melia Zanzibar is a supped up all-inclusive. Here you will find a great combination of family-friendly and chic. Here kids can be kids without bugging those honeymooners that are looking for their quiet personal time. This hotel has a huge property, a kids club, and four different types of restaurants depending on your mood and your kids’ behaviour. It was nice for us to get some luxury with the kids in tow. We are looking forward to checking out some of the other international Melia hotels.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 12.42.47 PMAsilia Africa will make your East African vacation unforgettable. They have an array of safari trips that will have you wishing that you had a bottomless bank account, trying out every single one. We got to stay for two nights at their Matemwe Beach House, and it was nothing but luxury. It was the first time ever in my life that I had a personal chef and butler! On this mini vacation we got to feel like we were truly at home in this beach house, with no one around to bother, where the girls could run free and enjoy life to the fullest. Next time we go to Tanzania I will be looking these guys up again.


There is no way we could have done as much traveling as we did around Tanzania if it weren’t for these three amazing airlines. For most of our island hopping we flew with Coastal Aviation, they were always on time and made our jaunts really easy. To go back to mainland from Zanzibar Zan Air offered us complimentary flights, and they made saying goodbye to this beautiful island as easy as possible with absolutely no hiccups. Final, right before leaving TZ we flew with Safari Airlink which gave us the high class experience of having a private charter plane all to ourselves. They flew us in and out of our safari in Selous, landing on a dirt landing strip, being a part of some amazing memories for our family.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 12.41.58 PMI spent a lot of time searching online for a safari company that would accept kids as young as ours. Many have a minimum age of 6. But then I came across the Foxes Camps, and although they don’t boast taking kids, after talking with someone at the company we agreed that their Rufiji River Camp would be suitable for our family. It was such an amazing place, we had a safari tent with ample space for our family of four, and got to see so many wild animals that we had smiles plastered across our faces for our entire time there. We even had the opportunity to see Luigi, the hippo that sometimes makes an appearance at the camp to munch on their lawn! 

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 12.45.11 PMThe love-child of a designer and a surf photographer, Gypsea, has created some beautiful swimwear. They wanted to make wearable art, and they succeeded. With so many cute ones to choose from you are sure to find a swimsuit that suits your palette. I am stoked to be a brand ambassador for this company, and this way you may see some shots of me in front of the camera, rather than hiding behind it.

With 65+ years under their belt, Ethiopian Airlines has become one of the continents leading carriers. They currently serve 81 international destinations and are the airline we have chosen to take us from the US to Tanzania this November. To carry myself and our daughters across continents, we liked the sound of an airline running the newest and youngest fleet, with an array of entertainment to keep us all busy for those many hours. We thank Ethiopian Airlines for joining our team of sponsors and for the three flights they have offered us.

What is better for a boat than a floor that resists wear, fading, soil, and mold? Nothing, this stuff is the best of the best. Meet Infinity Fabrics. They are the company revolutionizing the industry with their luxury woven vinyls. This flooring is stylish and perfect for our boat. It is UV stable making it suitable for both indoor and out on deck. And to top it all off it is made to Green standards and is fully recyclable. We are so happy to have this flooring!

When we got our new 65lbs anchor we knew it was time to consider getting a windlass, before Eben broke himself lowering and raising the anchor and ground tackle. We went for a name that is well known on the market and that is easy to find replacement parts for in the caribbean (if ever anything were to go wrong with it). But with out new Quick Aleph I doubt we will have any issues. This windlass is a beast and will make all of our anchoring a breeze from now on.

They had a love for SUPs, and wanted everyone to enjoy them just as much, and so Surfstow created a company making SUPing easier. Easier to get your board in the water, easier to store it on land (or boat), and an easier paddling experience. They also understand the importance of making their products look pretty, right down to the Suprax paddleboard racks.

When it came to who we were going to trust to help keep our boat afloat, a company with 40 years of experience and that is the world’s leading manufacturer in marine bilge pumps, seemed like the obvious choice. For our boat we have the SPX, Johnson Pump brand. We have both their 2200 and their 500gph 12v pumps to ensure that if any water ends up in our bilges it gets redirected to where it belongs, the ocean.

We want to be able to sleep soundly at night and not worry that our anchor is going to drag, leaving us floating into eminent danger, or other boats. And that is why we are using Mantus Anchors. When they were tested their anchors were found to set rapidly, reliably, and securely. That sounds beautiful to me. We chose their 65lbs anchor for our 41ft boat, and although that may be slightly oversized for a working anchor, it was the right choice for us, so that we can use its weight and strength as a storm anchor as well. So not only are Mantus helping us sleep blissfully, they are helping Eben with his biceps, because lifting a 65lbs anchor by hand gives you some huge pipes!

We have only the BEST things to say about our Magma nesting pots. So much so that they easily fit in our 10 things we use daily and love post. We love how we have every pot and pan we need, neatly tucked into one large nesting pot. All of their products have a “clean” aesthetic and give our kitchen a polished look. Magma doesn’t stop there, they are known in the marine world for many of their great products (BBQs, grill accessories, mounts, etc.) and are now branching out to making products outside of the cooking/grilling realm. Going to their site is dangerous, your christmas list will instantly expand!

If you have ever helped a young child learn to read then you know that any extra material out there that can make your job easier is more than welcome. That is exactly what Bob Books are. They are fun, have fun illustrations, and are geared towards a huge range of different reading levels. And if ever you question what book is right for your young learner they have an easy step-by-step “Find the right Book” questionnaire on their site.

The Osmo is a new gaming system that gets your kids learning and interacting with the ipad in a whole new way. With five games (apps) to explore the learning possibilities are countless, and our girls get a quick out of being so hands on with the games. It says it is recommended for ages 5+, but Ellia (3) loves playing the games and has no problem following along with the Words and Numbers games.

Our girls are growing up in a world where they can be and do pretty much anything they want. And so I love that Goldie Blox has created toys encouraging girls to explore and play in the realms of science and engineering. Their goal is to get girls building. They are “disrupting” the pink isle in toy stores by making “boy toys” for our girls. I think this is amazing, and extremely fun. I will continue to encourage our girls to pursue their dreams, and help by feeding their creative sides with toys exactly like these.

Halfway through hurricane season in the Virgin Islands and we are having horrible sleeps because it is just too hot at night. (No we don’t have AC.) So we have turned to Feel Cooler for help. They are in the business of products to help you feel cool. With two of their cooling mattress pads and some nifty cooling pj’s our nights are guaranteed to be better than what they are now.

This Australian company designs in-house and work directly with manufacturers to create bamboo bedding that is “affordable luxury”. They were even kind enough to offer to custom make our boat bedding, since boat beds are an unusual shape. Ettitude has found a way to cut out the middleman to keep their prices low but still offer the finest organic bamboo fabric. And they are so confident in how amazing their bedding is that they even offer a 100 night trial.

I came across Elan‘s beautiful resort wear this season while cruising the Virgin Islands and immediately wanted some. Their clothes are flowy and fashionable, and just the right material to keep you feeling airy in the Caribbean heat. I was in contact with the designer’s wife and she was a great in making sure I got the pieces that I wanted. What other company do you get that kind of first-hand customer service in?

I love creative play. It lets our girls use their imaginations and do/be whatever they want. And in that time they are usually happy just playing happily on their own, which a nice break from time to time is always welcome. With Magnatiles our girls can put their building skills to the test while exploring the far realms of their imaginations (and they unknowingly are learning and using their math and spacial concept skills). Sneaky education, I love it. These are also toys that we love to sit down and play with too, letting our inner child shine through.

Talk about a toy set with endless possibilities, the Magformers were created to foster brain development through fun and educational development. We have two sets of these Arias loves to use her imagination to see all the new things she can build. These magnet sets are so strong and durable that the girls can build and destruct without worry. This company has sets for every age and experience level, so you can get them for the kids, and husbands too!

Combining premium Turkish cotton and traditional weaving techniques, Hammamas has created a line to Turkish towels that are absorbent, soft, and of the highest quality. And their customer service is beyond reproach. Let’s just say that our Hammamas travelled a lot, trying to make their way to us, and their people were there to help us every inch of the way! We are so happy to have them in our possession now, because these towels are so amazing.

We’re proud to have this Canadian company among our supporters! Lulujo makes premium baby products that will please modern parents and babies alike. Yes, our babies are no longer babies, but we still like to treat them right. When I discovered that Lulujo had branched out into the turkish towel world we had to get some for ourselves. Their towels go EVERYWHERE with us, not just to the beach, everywhere.

Any outdoor enthusiast should know about Cascade Designs. They are a conglomeration of some great outdoor companies and have pretty much any product that you could need for tromping through the wilderness. We use their Sealine drybags for keeping our stuff dry, and their Platypus bottles for keeping us hydrated.

If you are looking for some of the most beautiful and elegant towels you can have to accessorize you home, these are them. Scents & Feel has created numerous lines of foutas to appeal to every taste in personal and home fashion. They bring style to pure cotton woven materials and have created “towels” that are just as special as your clothes. These would make absolutely wonderful gifts for loved ones.

When’s the last time you could say that your towel was designed by engineers so that you could have the best quality product? With a Doga towel you can. They have created this towel to optimally dry without that mildew smell, to have a weave that is soft and practical, and a look that will leave you feeling like a queen…or king. Their cotton/bamboo blend will make you feel like you never want this towel to leave your side.

I have never seen a website for 1st aid products be so vast, but Adventure Medical Kits have you covered for whatever expedition you are about to embark on. I love that you can search their kits by type of adventure, amount of people you will be caring for, or the amount of time you will be out and about. We have two of their kits, we have a marine kit built for sailors and an ultralight/watertight adventure kit that Eben brought with him on his unique sailing trip to Tanzania. I had researched a lot of different kits, but concluded that these ones were the ones we wanted to entrust our health to.


With four outdoor enthusiasts as their cofounders, it is no surprise that Lunatec has come up with two practical little cloths that will keep you and your gear clean. Since the death of our last dishcloth we have switched over to Lunatec’s Scrubr and the greatest part about this little gem is that food crud rinses right out of it and it never gets stinky. Then there is their Trekr cloth, meant for cleaning your body, it is a bigger size of the same scrubr cloth but made solely of Nylon , and I LOVE it. I used to use a similar cloth but it was lost to the ocean. I am ecstatic to have found this as it is one step above my last one. It comes with a handy little loop to hang it up or roll it for storage. This cloth exfoliates your skin, enough to get boat grime off and leaves you feeling tingly clean.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.49.43 PMWe are extremely happy to have Air India as one of our sponsors for our Rickshaw Run to India. Thanks to this amazing airline our flights to India and back were covered! This airline runs one of the youngest fleets in the world and has regular upgrades to provide their passengers with a superior flight experience. Being that we will be flying from STT to JFK to DEL and back, we are happy that we will be doing it with Air India‘s planes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.49.32 PMIf you are looking for a simple and cost effective way to get your name plastered across your boat, Do-It-Yourself Lettering is the way to go. This website is geared towards the DIYer’s. You can choose from an endless array of fonts, sizes, colors, and designs, to make your vinyl lettering look just the way you want it. And if you have any questions their customer service is top notch and they will help you with anything you are struggling to produce yourself. Then it gets shipped to you in the mail with an easy step-by-step guide on how to adhere it to your boa, making you look like a pro!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.05.54 PMIf I had known that making yogurt can be this easy I would have gotten myself an Easiyo years ago. The amount of money that our hobbits were costing us with their 2nd and 3rd breakfasts was insane. Especially since half the time they wanted yogurt, and in the Caribbean that stuff is like gold. But with the Easiyo container all I have to do is follow the instructions, add water to mix, let sit overnight, et voila I am a master chef!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.45.19 PMIf you are looking for something fun to do with your kids, or just to pamper yourself, and you don’t mind being a little “girly” this kit is amazing. With the MoYou nail art plates I have upped my nail painted game from grade-school to manicure worthy. The learning curve was tough but once I got how to transfer these cute designs on to my girls itty bitty nails I became one of their favorite entertaining tools.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.46.16 PMAre you looking to make yourself a good cup of joe without needed a full-on cappuccino machine, well here is your answer. Aerobie, the makers of the Aeropress, have gone from making high performance sport toys to adding this amazing coffee press to their repertoire of awesome inventions. The press is small, easy to clean, and makes a mean cup of coffee. They have given us a new source for our liquid energy and have caused me to return to drinking coffee.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.47.16 PMThree guys from completely different backgrounds were brought together by their love of the ocean and the beach, but they realized that one thing was lacking from their beach experience to make it a truly relaxing and comfortable one…a pillow. So they hit the beach for opinions and marketing research and created the one and only Sand Cloud beach towel with a built in pillow. These beach must-have towels are crafted with good vibes and positive energy.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.48.13 PMIf you are going to invest in Turkish towels, why not go to the source. The founder and owner of Cotton and Olive, is in fact from Turkey. She wanted to share her culture’s heritage that she is extremely fond of by providing “Simply Natural and Pure” products from her native country to the rest of the world. Cotton and Olive has opened the market to peshtemal towels that are no longer your basic hammam towels, but rather are now contemporary leisure towels with an endless amount of uses. We love ours.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.27.38 PMProject AK-47 is an organization that has given themselves the goal of rescuing child soldiers from lives of violence, to restore their identities, and reshape areas of conflict. With such a large mandate I think they are doing great work. They build their programs from the ground up, in southeast Asia and South America, areas that do not have any existing resources to help them through such turmoil. With the help of the sales of their clothing and accessories, donations, and advocates, they have already helped the lives of 1000 children since 1994.


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.29.21 PMThese guys have a business model that I believe every company should adopt. The model is, use your craft and some of the money you make from it, to give back to those in need. Jedidiah was a clothing brand that was created by Made For Good. This company created the brand to help raise money and awareness for the work that non-profits they have paired themselves with do to help our world.


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.37.53 PMI literally cannot say enough about this organization, because they do so much. Their website is an encyclopedia of information, and the programs that they have created are endless. Invisible Children has created one site with a plethora of info on the LRA conflict in east and central Africa, and ways that they are helping and you can too. They are worth checking out, and give yourself a good amount of time, because they draw you in and inform you on what is going on. And their clothes…just amazing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.32.48 PMSimply by buying one t-shirt you can help provide water to one person for 25 years. That is insane! But that is the work that No One Without is accomplishing. Through their affiliation with another organization, these guys are raising money, by selling really neat clothes, so that no one person needs to go without one of our essential needs, water.

Do you want to see the Rockies from atop but do not have the time or patience to do it dragging two little kids behind you, well there is a beautiful solution. The Brewster Gondola ride. It is quick, beautiful, and painless. The kids will even have a blast riding the gondola and you can make your trip as long or short as you desire.

One of my favourite stops in Banff was to the Upper Hot Springs. Give me a hot pool of water to sit around lazying in while gazing at the surrounding Rockies and I am a happy lady. It is definitely a must see and understandable why it is such a tourist attraction. And if you want your kids to fall asleep real quick, soaking them in a hot pool for half an hour will do it!

If you are staying in Banff with little ones, and need somewhere for them to let loose and expend some of that energy, well this is the place to go. The Douglas Fir has western Canada’s largest hotel indoor playpark! And when the little ones are done here just walk down the hall and let the kids have a blast in their indoor waterpark. Our girls were exhausted by the time we were done here.


Hosteling International have a number of hostels across Canada, and the world. If you become a member with them you can get discounted stays in their facilities. But even if you are not a member, you can still stay at one of their places and enjoy the comfort of their rooms, which are much cheaper than any hotel we could find, and many more amenities and activities than any hotel will offer.

Freedom Culture is about more than just making cool clothes. They are a movement passionate about helping sex trafficking. To do so they have created their very own “Shop + Share”. The way they built it is You Shop and They Share. A portion of every sale of their apparel and accessories goes to charities working to end sex trafficking. Cheryl, the founder, decided to use her entrepreneurial skills and start something that really matters, the Freedomize Movement. Well done.

TanQ what to see and feel the ripple effects of kindness throughout the world. They have created a pretty unique social entreprise that partners up with a different non-profit every month. TanQ then designs a tshirt reflecting the mission of the organization, puts it up for sale on their website, and 100%, yes 100%, of the net profit goes back to the non-profit they are working with that month. All of their tshirts are one-of-a-kind and sold while quantities last. They hope that their humble act with nudge others towards kindness and charity, and bring people together in a united cause, kindness.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.34.03 PMWhat started as a graduation trip to Costa Rica for two buddies turned into a social enterprise based on their belief in, and quest for the Pura Vida (the pure life). While on their little vacation the guys ran into two other guys who were making and selling bracelets on the street. After getting to know them better, the two friends bought 400 bracelets and brought them back to the states with them. They threw the bracelets into a bowl at a coffee shop, and the brand blew up. Their bracelets weren’t just bracelets, they were a movement. Cute bracelets and accessories for a good cause, what could be better.

They belief is that every creature on this planet is United By Blue, our beautiful oceans and waterways. So they did what many said was not possible, they made a successful business and environmentally friendly practice co-exist in a meaningful way. These guys created a business with really cool apparel, and with every product sold they collect one pound of trash from our oceans and waterways. What an awesome way to spend your money!

Created by surfers, SeaSpecs provide 100% UVA/UVB protection for your eyes while you enjoy your favorite watersports. They have thought of it all and created glasses and lenses to suit your sporting activities for every type of sun. They can protect you from dawn to dusk, overcast to blaring sun, without compromising your vision. Eben definitely needed a pair of these, after coming home a few times after kiteboarding sessions looking like his eyes were sun and ocean blasted during his playtime. SeaSpecs have a variety of styles, all of which are completely affordable.

Joovy has a family oriented gear brand offering an array of child-rearing products. Their product philosophy “incorporates modern, functional, high quality features at value-driven price points with an emphasis on durability and utility”. That sounds like everything any parent would want when buying something for their baby. I was so excited to receive our stroller from them that when it finally arrived it was like Christmas in our hometel. Check out their website and I am sure you will find most anything you could think you kid might need, from potty training to bike riding. Joovy makes 42 active lifestyle products for you and your little one.

It’s the story of two brothers who scoured the earth to find the world’s softest and most comfortable t-shorts known to man. They went to the highest peaks to the lowest caves, and you know what, they found them. These have to be one of the comfiest shirts I have ever owned, I want to wear it everyday. The Chivery, which is the mecca for these comfy tees, is an offshoot of TheChive, which is the world’s largest photo entertainment website. If a funny pick is snapped somewhere in the world, TheChive will find it, post it, and it will go viral. Think of this website, and their huge following, as a fraternity on the web. They laugh hard, party hard, and even donate to charities, hard. And they sure do know how to make a comfy shirt. Keep Calm and Chive On.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.35.53 PMValley Electronics are the creators of the Lady Comp, the first family planning computer in the world. They have a team of brainiacs (gynecologists, software specialists, electronic engineers, and designers) working to make this computer the best. Even with their company growth, they have stayed committed to amazing customer service and wanting to keep a “family feel”. This nifty little computer will become my new best friend, other than at 6am when it wakes me up to help us control our baby making abilities!

I love being able to promote a friend. With an eye for trendiness and a disappointment for other products in the market, my friend realized that she had all the skills needed to create beautiful bags that are not just for gazing at but rather are sewn well to withstand everyday use and are truly boatworthy. With her spark CassMichelle was born. She creates custom bags in any color, size, and design you would like. They are made of durable Duck cloth, and lined with Satin, and have all the extras you look for in a good purse, such as the inner wallet pocket and even a clip for your keys so you never find yourself looking like an Ostrich, head deep in all your stuff, for all to see.

You have seen them before, the shoes with every individual toe contoured. Vibram Five Fingers were designed to be the new “minimalism footwear, directly inspired by the barefoot phenomenon, the practice of walking with uncovered feet”. The shoes design combined with the Vibram rubber sole are made for high performance, comfort, and quality. They may look different but they work great.

If you are like us, trying to keep four people hydrated in this constant heat, than you also find yourself carrying around four water bottles, one for each person, in your bag. Talk about space consumption. Until now. Vapur has created these wonderful collapsible reusable water anti-bottles. When they’re full they stand on their own, and when empty they easily roll up taking next to no space. They make hydrating effortless. We use them daily for everything from water consumption while in town to bringing them along on our workouts. Added bonus: the children’s Quenchers come with stickers so kids can decorate their own anti-bottles. This kept our girls busy for a good half-hour, and every little bit counts.

We live on the water, we are made of water, and we consume a large amount of water. I like keeping that water as clean as possible, free of BPA’s and other additives that may be seeping into the water from plastic bottles that are in the constant sun. We love these glass bottles made by Takeya and always have at least one or two floating around just waiting to be used. They have silicone sleeves which helps with grip, bumps, and make them look real nice. Some may consider them a bit heavy, considering they are made of glass, but I find it to be a helpful reminder to drink it, make it lighter, and stay hydrated.

With four outdoor enthusiasts as their cofounders, it is no surprise that Lunatec has come up with two practical little cloths that will keep you and your gear clean. Since the death of our last dishcloth we have switched over to Lunatec’s Scrubr and the greatest part about this little gem is that food crud rinses right out of it and it never gets stinky. Then there is their Trekr cloth, meant for cleaning your body, it is a bigger size of the same scrubr cloth but made solely of Nylon , and I LOVE it. I used to use a similar cloth but it was lost to the ocean. I am ecstatic to have found this as it is one step above my last one. It comes with a handy little loop to hang it up or roll it for storage. This cloth exfoliates your skin, enough to get boat grime off and leaves you feeling tingly clean.

“Sailing the high seas doesn’t mean you have to smell to high heavens.” With the Laundry Pod aboard our clothes are easily cleaned without straining our sailing kitty. This nifty little machine fits nicely into our engine room, can easily be pulled out on a very regular basis to wash our basics, is eco-friendly as it uses little water and no electricity, and gives me a bicep workout like none other. Just joking, spinning this thing isn’t that hard to do and our clothes come out looking and smelling great, without having to wring them out by hand. I love this thing.


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