Let’s preface this by saying that our area of Mexico is still in covid “Level 4” (social distancing of 3.5m2, mask-wearing in public, and 40% capacity in permitted services). Many of the services that were in my previous post of “Things to do with kids in Todos Santos” are still closed, so I thought I should write this post due to our current situation. I am not saying come travel to Todos Santos it’s safe, and I am not saying “stay away it’s dangerous”, that is up to you. I am simply writing what there is to do with your kiddos here these days.


Being the budget-minded person that I am, most of our activities are on the cheap side, if not free. I mean, that is part of how we afford to travel the way we do. We’re conscious of what we spend on extras.

If you are considering heading this way, have already booked your tickets, or are already TS, here are some family-friendly things that you may want to add to your must-do list:




There are beaches down every side road here, but not all are safe for swimming. The only two that we feel safe letting our girls swim around in are Cerritos beach, and San Pedrito beach (at low tide). 

Cerritos beach is a great spot to spend an afternoon. There are chairs, beach umbrellas, and surfboards/boogie boards to rent. Also, there are tons of people are available to teach you to surf if that’s what you are looking for. These are friends of ours that offer both adult and kids classes. There are vendors that walk up and down the beach selling everything from fruit, margaritas, to jewelry and henna tattoos. None of them are a bother, just a friendly “no gracias” is all that is needed if you’re not interested. 


– The girls call this place “black sand beach”. Because that is what it is, and that black sand will get into the weave of your swimsuits and stay there, so I don’t suggest light-colored swimwear! We’ve ruined many swimsuits this way.  

– Keep an eye on your kids, the riptide can be strong here. LIKE EVERY BEACH AROUND HERE.



San Pedrito Beach is much quieter (people-wise) than Cerritos. The last time we went there were only three groups on the beach. At high tide the waves crash in too much for us to go swimming, but we LOVE to go here at LOW-TIDE because when the water is out all, of the rock areas fill with water creating a bunch of little pools.


– Again, big rip current at regular tide. Stay safe.

Pura Playa Beach bar has opened up just down the beach. If you’re looking for some yummy food, drinks, and a great vibe, definitely check them out.

For the other beaches that are not as “swimmer friendly”, they are still beautiful areas to check out. Go for a walk and enjoy watching the waves crash in. Go try to spot some whales offshore. Or go release some baby turtles!


Turtle Release

girls releasing turtles in TS


There are two conservation groups (that I know of) on either side of town, that protect sea turtle nests and release the hatchlings back into the ocean. This is a seasonal thing. But if you are around during the right time it is definitely worth checking out.

For a small “donation” you will be handed an emptied-out coconut shell with a tiny, baby turtle in it. Then everyone lines up on the beach and releases these little babies, cheering them on as they make their trek towards the ocean. 




It may seem funny to go swimming in a pool when there is ocean all around, but sometimes it’s nice to relax in the water without having to worry about waves and riptide. There are a few spots that we have gone to check out the pool. Some charge to use it, some only ask that you eat or drink in their establishment.

Call around to the hotels and day clubs to see what they offer. Due to covid,some have a limited capacity and so need to be advised before you arrive.


Play Parks


There are a few play parks that we gravitate towards.

The Plaza Park, which is right in town. There you will find a big play structure, sand, a small skate ramp, and a half-pipe. There is always someone there to play with. 

Gallo Azul is a pizzeria in town that has a play structure with swings, a bocce ball court, and “corn hole” to play within their back patio. They also have a good happy hour and yummy pizza to keep you busy while the kids run around.

La Esquina is a cafe/restaurant on the “otro lado”. They have a small play structure with some swings, again, to keep the little people happy while you hang out.

Paletas is another one with a backyard and play structure for kids while you eat and drink (their happy hour is 3 x 2, but you have to drink them all yourself, no sharing.)





If you are around long enough there are some classes that you can enroll your kids in. 

Dance. Our girls have dance class twice a week. They do ballet and contemporary. Their teacher also offers Folklore and Jazz.

Kids Crossfit. Our girls haven’t done this one but I have heard of it. It is done by Cross2Box Fitness.

Other. The girls have taken spanish classes with Hablando Mexicano, from what I heard, right now they are offering some private classes. And I have also heard about martial arts classes for kids but I don’t have any real info on that one.

Live Music

Jump on the Todos Santos Newsfeed and search for live music, there’s always someone playing somewhere. Many of the common spots that offer live music are PuraPlaya (San Pedrito beach), La Morena, Jardin Alquimia, Mise en Place, Plaza Amigos, and Dum.


Go For A Walk/Hike


If your kids enjoy walking there are plenty of options around here. You can go for a stroll along the beach. Go window/souvenir shopping through town (bring your mask), or do a tour of town stopping for paletas, churros, coffee, and ice cream!

You can also try out some of the walking trails that take off near here, such as the Jazzamango trail or the Punta Lobos hike. All are great options to stretch out your legs.




Eating Out

This is a whole other post in itself. Todos Santos is a foodie’s dream. Here you can find everything from farm-to-table, to fine dining, to street-side vendors with delicious goodies. There are spots where your kids can roam free like the wildlings that they are, and other spots that make your children feel like royalty. In any case, there is something for everyone’s tastebuds and budget. Do not be shy, try it all…we’re VERY slowly working our way through the restaurants in town!

Our favorite fish taco spot has the added fun bonus of a foosball table!



Sources of Information

– If you are coming this way, sign up for the Baja Western Onion. It is a bi-weekly newsletter that will be emailed to you with all the upcoming events and chatter of TS. Also “follow” their Facebook page as well at the Todos Santos Newsfeed.

– The Journal Del Pacifico is also a good magazine to pick up. They have maps with all the restaurants, stores, and bars in town and neighboring towns. They show where all the local beaches are. And they have a listing of all the Happy Hours in town!!!


Enjoy our little pueblito, it’s magical.