Dominicans are all about saying it how it is. Since returning to the boat I don’t even know how many have told me that I look “strong” and “gordita” (chubby). For them this is a compliment, and sign of health, and they see no reason in holding back a comment like that. I, on the other hand, who after living 6 months in an all-inclusive, have seen my body at a better weight, and don’t see my current state as quite “complimentary”.

So I will start working out, easing myself into it, and am hoping to see some good results soon. But living on a boat in itself is a workout.

It only took me about three days back on the boat to start feeling my muscles ache. And I giggled when I thought up the “boater’s workout”. (Yes I laugh at my own jokes, Eben says I always find my own to be the funniest!)

So here it is, if you have no desire to run laps, do sit-ups, squats and lunges, just move on to a “workaboard” boat.



Legs and Glutes

-Pump up your dinghy. 50 pumps per leg. 3 x a day (if your dinghy is a deflatable like ours).



-Drive your dinghy “cowboy style”. This is a great feat in balance.


This is cowboy-style.


Back, Abs, and Legs

-Manually transfer water into your tanks. 10 x 5gallon jugs per session.



-Hand wash all your clothes and feel the burn in your arms as your spin out the water and ring out the garments. 3 sessions per week.
-Carry your groceries back to your boat.




-Assist in sending someone up the mast. (Or better yet, go up the mast).



-Jump in and scrub the bottom of your boat.
-Walk, everywhere, to get everything.


Captain Krill after scrubbing a boat bottom


For Bonus Points

-Carry a toddler around while you do all of this.


I’m spent!