Long gone are our days as backpackers, where we could pack just a few t-shirts and shorts, some underwear, and a bathing suit and be set to go travel the world. Now when we head out on an adventure we are carrying enough gear to clothe and entertain a small village, or at least two messy little girls. We have two large duffles, a couple of backpacks, and a few more bags just for toys and school books. We have moved on from our young and free “hitching a ride” to the next town over, and moved into the realm of wanting a rental car and a comfortable bed for everyone. A good night’s sleep is essential if you want to enjoy travelling with kids

   But it’s not so much the “travelling light” that I miss about those olden days, it’s more so the community of people that you get to meet and travel with when you are carrying your life on your back. It is much similar to the people we have come across in the cruising (sailing) community. People that are interested in learning about each other, that really listen to one another, that want to hang out, that want to experience travel with you, that want to share life stories, that want to help, that want to relax, that want to laugh, that want to be involved…people that become fast friends and that you stay connected with for the rest of your life.
   For the first time in a long time, we have come across that “feeling” once again. But this time we get the best of both worlds. Our present hotel, Zan View, is the perfect combination of local feel with foreign commodities. It is quaint and gives off a laid back vibe much more welcoming than the enclosed feeling of the neighbouring all-inclusives. Not only are the staff here wonderful, making sure that all your needs are tended to, but the other guests we have met have been just amazing. We have made so many new friends in our one week here, doing lunches and dinners together, laughing over beers and life stories, and just lounging around discussing every and any topic that comes to mind. In just one week we have gone from plans of “end of Feb. we head back home” to considering places such as Budapest and South Africa as possible stop-overs because of the connections and invitations we have received.

Had such a fun time with these two.
Yes we lead a crazily unscheduled life, we know!
   These friends that we have made, these connections, they are why we feel this hotel is unique, it seems to attract interesting people to it, giving me that “communal” feel that is just so human (for lack of a better word), without taking away any of the nicer commodities that I have now become slightly accustomed to in my “matured” travels (like A/C, hot water, great food, and mojitos, don’t forget the mojitos!)
A lounge area like this just begs to be hung out in 😉
The perfect spot for homeschooling or enjoying a sundowner mojito or beer with friends.


The restaurant at Zan View, awarded the “best restaurant” in Kiwengwa by tripadvisor. The food is delicious.
   This is just the beginning of our road trip down the east coast of Zanzibar. If we continue meeting amazing people like we have here and getting very interesting “stop-over” options before our flight back to the boat who knows where we are going to end up.