Our girls are like little hobbits. They love to do breakfast, then second breakfast, and often go for thirds too. They eat like teenage boys, and all I can say to ease the pain is “they must be growing”. Luckily for us they are good eaters. They understand the unwritten rule that they can only have sweet breakfasts (ie nutella or fruit loops) every couple of days. However, the problem with this food frenzy that they go through every morning is the cost of it. Sure some things are still reasonably priced in the Virgin Islands, but one of their favorites, yogurt, is on the higher end of the scale. It seems as soon as the dairy is processed that food item is more expensive (like the $8 block of cheese or the $5/4pack of yogurt). But we don’t want to discourage healthy eating just because of the cost of it, so we found an excellent work around.

   We have started making our own yogurt. I had read through a couple of recipe books about how easy it was supposed to be, but when the recipes started asking for live bacteria and milk thermometers it looked a bit too arduous to me. For me it’s got to be simple. Then we were introduced to the Easiyo. This contraption is easy. And like Eben always says, “if you make it easy for the consumer then they will buy it”. Call me lazy if you want, but this is yogurt making at its easiest.
   I have seen many upsides to using the Easiyo. The first, with us being on a boat having fresh yogurt is not the simplest of things, unless we have made a recent trip to town to buy some. But with this system all we have to do is throw in a yogurt packet (which just sit in our cupboard waiting to be made), add some water, and wait. The second plus, it is super easy!! I mean SUPER easy. And the third is that it is cost effective. The amount that one batch makes (1kg) is enough to feed our hobbits for a week’s worth of breakfasts (which means we are also saving on gas not having to go to the grocery store as often!). 
    The Easiyo website has many different recipes you can try, or if you want to make a science project out of it, you can jump online and there are tons of forums taking about other recipes and variations to try out using this system. We are extremely impressed with this yogurt maker and highly recommend it to anyone who is a yogurt fan or has several hobbits to feed.

   You can see in the pics just how easy, EASY is.

Choose your flavour

add mix to water


full body shake if you prefer…then add more water to fill container.

add boiling water to top of red piece

add your yogurt mix

close and wait 8-10 hours (Eben wanted to model too!)

after wait time, open…

mix with a spoon…

and ENJOY!