This month has been crazy busy with trying to get settled back on to the boat, fall back into our old routines, while trying to squish some new ones in there, visiting with friends, homeschooling, and then BOOM, the holidays are upon us!

Decorating for us is a pretty big deal, because it’s pretty much the only thing to put us in the holiday spirit given that we are not surrounded by snow and decorations everywhere. Instead we fill our boat’s salon with Christmas “kitsch” and carols non-stop, we stock the fridge with eggnog, and make sure we have holiday treats for whenever the cheer hits us.



Our family tradition on “decorating day” is to spend an evening enjoying Christmas fun, all the while eating a ton of finger food and making where ever we are feel as christmassy as possible. Since being a couple/family we have had Christmases in Japan, the Bahamas, VIs, Tanzania, and in the VIs again. With all this travelling bringing decorations along is not the easiest of things, and so construction paper has become our holiday friend!

Ellia was quite concerned as to how Santa would get into our boat, so with the help of construction paper we made a chimney in the middle of our floating home. We added a window on the wall so we could look out on to our winter wonderland, made a “hand”-made wreath, hung our stockings, decorated our MINI “Charlie Brown Christmas” tree, and lit up our boat with cheer.




These passed few nights we have bypassed our boat lights and brighten things up with our string lights, we have been on a stream of Christmas books, and are slowly adding presents under our tree (thank you Amanda for being the first presents under there).

We are thankful, grateful, fortunate, to be spending another Christmas abroad. We hope every single one of you is finding your personal ways to be bringing the holiday spirit into your lives this December.