It is crazy to think that our youngest boat baby is turning 3! It feels like just yesterday she was an infant, permanently attached to my hip, giving everyone the “scowl” she became known for. From the moment she popped out of me, this little girl was gifted with the attitude and strong will of a teenager. Ellia was a tougher cookie from the start, but man has she ever blossomed. For the first year of her life she wanted nothing to do with anyone except for mama. It made it hard for me to get any sort of rest. Even when we had visitors come, who were dying to hold her, like my mom, she was crazy-glued to me. She had this air to her and no matter how much cooing-and-cawing everyone did, the scowl stayed fixed to her face. We often wondered what we had done to deserve such an angry child!

   But over the last three years of her long life she has done a complete 180. She has become a complete cuddle bug, and once she has warmed up to someone she will immediately be their best friend. She always laughing and smiling and trying to be a little comedian. She has brought such joy into our lives and I am sooooo happy she is ours.

   Because of the timing of our Rickshaw Run in India we are not around for her actual 3rd birthday. But that is the great thing about turning 3, you have absolutely no concept of time yet, so we celebrated her birthday a week early! This lucky duck will get to have two birthday parties this year, the one we did while we were still around, and then again on her actual birthdate (the 7th of April) with her sister, Meme and Grandpa. 

   We had a great time celebrating our boat baby with two of our boat buddies that made it over just for the occasion s/v Asante and s/v Hideaway. There was a ton of food, which Eben had slaved away at making all day, and an Apple cake that Ellia had personally requested for the occasion. Ellia surprised us all with her birthday attitude. The night of the party she was nothing but smiles, all about sharing her presents, letting her friends help her unwrap them, and making sure everyone was happy. Even when we told her bed time had rolled around there was not a wimper from her. It was stunning.

     And not only were the kids celebrating, but so were the adults. We have kept this little human alive for three years! Who knew so much Cafe Patron could be had at a 3-year-old birthday party! 

   My heart will be slightly hurting on the 7th when my baby turns 3 and I wont be there to hug her, but I promise I will make it up in squeezes the moment we get back. 

The girls helping out at making the apple cake

This is what you get when you ask 3 little ones to smile for the camera!

She got a snorkel! She has been asking for this for so long, she was so happy!

We also got them those little toys that swell up in water

She inhaled that thing!