We’ve been back in Canada only a day but it is surprising how much of a nice feeling I am getting seeing the girls enjoying themselves out in the green spaces. We are in Rosebud, small town, Alberta. This town is surrounded by rolling hills, creeks, and farmers’ fields. There is an abundance of green everywhere, tinted by the afternoon sun. My favourite part of today was watching the girls run free. There is hardly anything here that we would have to worry about. We can see them as they run in the distance. There are no oceans to drown in, no cliffs to fall off, no one else in sight. Just us, and plenty of running room. I have never been a huge fan of the country, merely because of personal boredom. But watching the girls with the freedom this environment gives them is soothing. It was highly relaxing, just sitting back, hanging out as adults, as the kids created their own fun. They rolled down hills, threw grass at each other, hunted bugs and held critters, played hide and seek, played king of the hill, and made up their very own soundtrack to accompany their adventures. For lack of any other word, it was beautiful, and filled me with simple, pure, happiness. 

even on land she finds creepy critters

Ellia got a little tired after a while and became quite dramatic. Eben empathized