I know we can’t have it all, and the grass always seems greener, blah blah blah. But there are times where I would trade the beaches and the palm trees for a quick visit back to the “cold”. If only we knew how to teleport. Now I say cold, but I don’t mean wintery cold. Eben enjoys playing in the white stuff, and misses it a fair bit after four years away, but I lean more towards the spring/fall seasons. I sometimes find myself looking at friends’ facebook pictures of the leaves turning beautiful oranges and red, wearing jackets and light scarves, and find myself yearning for a quick visit home. Where I consider “home” to be I am not sure, but it is back where many of our friends live, and where scarves are required. I love scarves. That’s the French-Canadian in me.

   Hiking, rock climbing, and backcountry camping is something that Eben and I used to do a lot of, and really enjoyed it. Breathing in the crisp autumn air as you lug all your food and tent on your back to your next temporary home is exhilarating. We loved finding those perfectly remote spots where we would be alone for days on end. And our poor Ellia has never experienced that. Arias got to partake in a cross-country road trip when she was 1, where we camped along the way on our way from Manitoba to Quebec, but Ellia, she has only seen white sandy beaches and turquoise water. The poor, neglected child! 

   This jealousy is only in passing because I do also love the life that we lead, where our girls know more about islands and sea creatures than most kids I know. Where most everyday includes a swim in the pool or ocean. Where their sunkissed skin gets all sweaty, like only Stolz kids seem to do (I could make due without having two little sweat-monkeys for daughters, but it’s cute, I guess).

   Right now it is May-long weekend and I know many of our friends are out with their families, camping in the wilderness, “I am thinking of you and wishing we could join”.  Enjoy the weather for us, play lots of card games, eat one-too-many smores, and wrap that scarf around your neck one more time. 

ps. to make this moment slightly better, and the grass less greener, I will remember all those rainy camping days, where you are just cold, soggy, and miserable. Enjoy!


pre-babies camping

5 months pregnant with Arias

Ok, this one was more road-side camping, less back-country. But the mosquitos were back-country size!