For one last hooray, about 15 some odd cruisers that have been waiting out hurricane season with us in Luperon have all booked themselves in for a four day all inclusive at Lifestyles resort in Puerto Plata. We all booked through the same website and got our stay for ridiculously cheap. Our family actually booked for one day prior to everyone’s arrival as well since Eben and I found out that Wyclef Jean was having a concert at the resort and anyone staying for two consecutive nights, including the night of the show, got free access. We both have fond memories  of listening to his music while in high school, and hadn’t attended a concert in forever, and so we just had to go. We hired a babysitter from the resort and we, as well as seven of our local friends, went and had a blast listening to good music, enjoying hanging out with eachother, and taking part in the madness of water and alcohol fights that broke out towards the end of the show. We returned to our room, and babysitter completely drenched but feeling like the experience had made us younger, invigorating us, and reminding us of the pre-kids days.
   The following four days we spent eating, hanging out by the pool, and enjoying some free liquor. I think my favorite part of an all inclusive is the fact that you can eat pretty much anything without having to cook or do dishes afterwards. But the resort experience was a bit dulled down due to the sickness that has been passing through our family. A few days before arriving at the resort Arias started coughing. We kept her home from school for two days hoping she would be back to 100% for our mini vacation, and she was. Unfortunately she passed the bug along to Ellia, who spiked a fever our first night at the resort, making her extremely fussy, short tempered, and not sleeping well. She even caused our neighbors to bang on our door at 5 in the morning when they got frustrated with hearing her multiple nightly wake ups. The fever left but the runny nose remains. Two babies better, good. Wrong. Of course I was the next one to get hit and on our final day at the resort I succumbed to buying decongestants so that I could at least breath, stop the headache, and enjoy our last few hours here. 
   I think the cold hit us all a little hard because we had a bug but also our bodies aren’t quite used to the back and forth between airconditioned rooms to warm tropical air. We turned the AC way down in our room, but every restaurant, lobby, and shuttle here still have theirs blasting. Although we were sick and grumpy, due to being sick, we still enjoyed the little quirks of staying at an all inclusive and getting some relaxation in before we start prepping the boat for our eminent departure from the DR and back into the world of being sea gypsies. 
VIP beach Bed
Our room at Cofresi
Bathroom view
Enjoying the extra running space
Beach time baby