Here we thought it would be the snow that would chase us out of Canada and back to the boat (because you can’t build a house when your site is buried under 4ft of the white fluffy stuff), but it turns out that it’s the rain that is giving us the biggest hassle. We’ve ripped out trees, we’ve dug down as much as we could, we’ve battled rock after rock, and we have levelled, but now our entire site (and the driveway up to it) is one big, slippery mud puddle.

Our hope was to get our shipping container up to the build site before we head south. We figured that would be our “stop” point, then we would resume in Spring. But now we are questioning if we will manage to even get that done. To have the seacan up there, we first need to pour footings for where it will sit, which, under that needs roadcrush to help deal with the moisture of the ground. All three of those steps (the crush, the cement, the seacan) all require big, heavy trucks to be able to climb our hilly drive, which at this point looks more like a slip-n-slide than anything else.

Take a look for yourself.