Even though Canadian Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, having the American one coming up this month means that we can continue on with our “fall color” crafts. One of our girls’ favourite foods is Corn on the “Bob” as they like to call it, so when I saw a picture of a Thanksgiving wreath made out of just that I thought it would be a lot of fun to attempt ourselves.
Supplies you will need for this craft:
construction paper (white and green)
kids’ paint (yellow, orange, and red)
-a piece of cardboard (size dependent on how big you want your wreath to be)
-bubble wrap (optional)
  • On your white construction paper use your fingers to paint rows of dots with the three colors of paint. This dotted paper will be used to create the corn. This is also where you could use the optional bubble wrap. If you want to make the “dot” process go faster, paint the bubble wrap and then press the bubbles on to your white paper, creating the same effect as your finger painting would but with 5 times the speed (for children with shorter attention spans).

  • Set your dotted paper aside to dry.

  • On your green paper draw the shape of your corn husk and cut out.

  • Once your dotted paper is dry, draw and cut the shape of the corn cobs. 

  • Glue the corn cobs and husks together.

  • With your cardboard cut out a doughnut shape in the size that you want your wreath to be. 

  • Glue your corn on to the cardboard wreath shape.

   In the matter of an hour you have a nice festive wreath to decorate your wall, that took minimal supplies and very little effort. In the time that you are finger painting you can get the kids talking about what they are thankful for, what thanksgiving represents, or if you are with my kids (whose lives revolve around food) you can talk about why it is you love corn so much!