After 7 years afloat, WE SOLD OUR BOAT! Unfortunately during the following hurricane season Necesse SANK in St. Thomas, USVI due to Hurricane Irma.

It’s not just a boat, it’s our FLOATING HOME!

We never thought to ourselves, “Hey let’s go be sailors”. It was more so that sailing was a new adventure, and it was a smart way for us to travel and bring our home along.

Necesse is a 41ft Morgan Classic from 1989. We bought this boat in Georgetown, Bahamas several years ago. She was a definite “fixer-upper/project boat” when we got her but was a huge step up in size from what we had before. (Side note: I remember first moving aboard we had to use headlamps at night and the washroom facilities at the marina as she had no electricity and no functioning toilets.) But we saw the potential in her, and the hallway in the boat was a major seller for me. This boat had all the aspects we were looking for our growing family.

We have been working very hard on her for several years. We lived almost a full year on a mooring ball in Miami, because of accessibility to stores, boating products, tools, etc. Then we just went and bought as much of the supplies that we could foresee needing to finish our projects and sailed away. They say owning a boat means “working on boats in exotic locations” and that totally rings true for us. The work constantly continues on. Want to see some of the work we have done, and what the inside of our boat looks like? Go ahead, be nosy and snoop our boat.

If you don’t know sailing, think of it like RVing on the ocean.

We’ve got our car (aka dinghy), our RV (aka boat), and our campgrounds (aka tropical islands).

It’s not that weird or foreign. But only 2% of the world sail, and we were proud to be a part of that.

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