We hope to give you the urge to get out and explore. Or at least to offer you a good laugh as we attempt to do so!

Back to the start of it all: Eben and Genevieve met back when they were 18 doing a Canada World Youth exchange between Northern Quebec and Burkina Faso. Although fraternizing was not supposed to happen during the exchange, at the end of the program the two dated for a brief period before heading home to their respective provinces. It took them seven years of “living life” separately, sporadically emailing each other, before they reconnected.

After a three-day reconnection in 2007 it was obvious that their love was still strong. Eben followed up by surprising Genevieve while she was working in Japan and their relationship grew from there. They dated a full year, four seasons to be exact, and were engaged on 10/10/08 (because that was an easy date for Eben to remember). They had a brief two-month engagement, just enough time to plan a wedding, and were wed on December 13, 2008.

For their honeymoon they spent two months backpacking Central America, with a quick stop over in Vegas to finish it off. They soon became pregnant with their first daughter a month later. They waited for the birth of their daughter before returning to Labiris, a 33ft boat that Eben had bought and sailed to the Bahamas with his buddy Jordan. The boat had been moored there, waiting for someone to return to it, for three years. They took to the boat immediately but realized that if cruising would be their lifestyle, and they wanted to expand their family, they would need something a bit larger than a 33ft boat. And their journey on Necesse began.

Necesse is a 41ft Morgan that they bought, in dire need of love. With the help of friends, they sailed her back to Miami and began a total makeover of the ship. This endeavor took them 11 months living in Coconut Grove, Miami. Many hours were spent getting this boat back on her “feet” and sailable again. And at some points, the jobs seemed insurmountable, but with the help of multiple friends, and Eben’s constant work, she was ready to set sail towards the Bahamas once again.

From that point on their lives were a whirlwind of new experiences. They sailed Necesse for several years to follow, all they down to the Virgin Islands. In those years they welcomed a second daughter, sailed the waters of Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. They dodged a few hurricanes and took a few short “land break” in the DR and Tanzania. Travelling is a way of life for this family, and sailing has been an affordable way to do so (taking their home where ever they go).

After 7 years afloat, they decided to sell it all, again. This time they sold the boat to go looking for new “land” adventures. The fun never ends! They bushwacked and started the pet project of building a house in the Rocky Mountains of BC, Canada. But when the cold came it was time to put that plan on a back burner and go! They have now been living in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico for the last 3 years!!! Where did the time go? The plan was to build a boutique hotel, but things don’t always go to plan. Instead, they bought their own property and are trying to decide what to do next. The adventures never end!


The people behind this blog.

Eben Stolz

Captain & Chief Engineer of Love

Eben has always been an adventurer, and crazy man, at heart. If there is a cliff he can jump off of he is the first in line, or a rock he can climb, get out of his way. Nothing stops him, except maybe me, from pushing his every limit. But in that wild character lies also the sweetest, most loving man I have ever met. He is an amazing father to both our daughters, teaching them the importance of discipline and fun, and he is the love of my life.

With a couple of encyclopedia’s on sailing, a good buddy nearby, Eben taught himself how to sail and manage his ship. This industrious beaver can do it all, and if he can’t, he will learn. He is a true SKILL COLLECTOR.

Genevieve Stolz

First Mate & Child Wrangler

I will partake on any adventure if it means there will be new experiences and lots of laughing involved. Hence how I ended up living aboard, sailing the Caribbean, for six years. After getting my degree in Anthropology/Sociology I spent the next few years traveling and working abroad. Each job I got was to pay for my next plane ticket. Once I reconnected with Eben, and it was obvious how “real” we were, we kept on traveling together all the while expanding our family from 2 to 4. I adore taking care of our daughters and how the “parenting adventure” has taught me so much about myself. With Eben by my side, and my girls trailing close behind, I am unstoppable and prepared to take on whatever comes at us.

Arias Stolz

Deck Hand & Main Monkey

If you are prepared to do anything she says, Arias will instantly be your best friend. She is a natural born leader and takes the roll seriously. This kid is full of energy, and pushes it to the max all day long. Thankfully this kid still needs a nap midday, giving mama a break. She’s a lover. She is constantly singing and dancing around. But don’t let this sporadic daintiness fool you, she is also out there rock climbing and kite boarding with her Papa just as much.

Ellia Stolz

Swab & Co-conspirator

Picture a head strong little clump of a human that can either make you feel like a real jerk or a superhero with just one glance, that’s Ellia. This ball of attitude is an incredible snuggler but has the independence of a teenager. At any point in time she will be trying to wander off to do her own activity or she will be right by your side trying to converse with you like a real grownup. It is hilarious watching the wheels turn in this little ones head. She is a super smart kid with non-stop questions, funny, and especially fiery, to say it nicely.


We just want to keep living the adventure for as long as possible. This blog allows us to journal our lives and remember each day. We do this for ourselves, for our daughters, and for you.


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