We would love to take our blog and the social media that we have built up and help you with your brand. With our services, you brand can get promoted to new travellers each month.

We can take what you have to offer and show it off to a whole new market. The blog and our social media is our “online baby”. We pride ourselves in the content we create and the photography that we share with our followers. Our hearts go in to our work and our followers see and trust that.

With our help, your brand will be the first that our followers think of when they are planning their next trip or making purchases.


There are many different ways we can work together to get your brand the exposure you are looking for. From advertising, to reviews, to press trips and sponsorships, we want to have the best collaboration possible between your business, ourselves, and our followers.


Monthly Page Views: 15, 662+

Facebook Fans: 6,663+

Instagram Followers: 13.3k+ (we take great pride in our photography)


For more info see our Media Kit and contact us.

If we see value in your brand and how it fits with not only our needs but those of our followers as well, we can promote it via advertising on our blog.

Available spots for your advertisements include, but are not limited to, our home page, sidebar, footer or within an article.

Benefits of this type of collaboration:

  • Your brand will be seen where ever you choose to advertise. Our followers will remember your brand, as seen on our site, the next time they are shopping.
  • Click-throughs from our blog to your site will increase your viewership and possible sales. If what you have appeals to our followers they can reach your site via our links.
If you know that your brand is one that we will love then we can try it out. If it lives up to our expectations, and those of our followers, then we can promote it on a regular basis across our site and social media. We can promote you via links, tags, and even custom hashtags.


Benefits of this type of collaboration:

  • Creating brand awareness via our followers. When they see us using your product or enjoying your destination, and see that we are proud to tag it, they will know we trust it.
  • Through our associations, our readers will see that you are one of our trusted and used brands. We don’t become brand ambassadors for just anyone, join the group of brands we love.
  • We take a lot of pictures, you will receive regular promotion across our social media. Instagram is our largest social network and our photographs get a lot of traffic. Let us promote your brand through this highly viewed channel.
  • Our Sponsors Page will be on our site forever. If you become one of our “continuous” brands then you will be featured on the Sponsors “home” page, otherwise your brand will forever be on the tab of the year we were brand ambassadors for you.
If we love it, we will want to talk about it.

We do not like the feeling of being “sale persons” and so we have found valuable ways to incorporate product reviews into our posts without them feeling pushy. We can incorporate our review in with our real-life stories/posts, making them more enjoyable to read about.

Benefits of this type of collaboration:

  • Reach a new market of customers. Our blog reaches many demographics and we can tailor a post to reach the eyes and ears that you are wanting to attract. With this exposure your brand will be remembered.
  • Pairing with us means your brand will be mentioned “out there” even more. The more mentions, the more click-throughs, the more business you receive.
  • Our site is a long-term project and your brand will be a part of that. Keep your brand circulating via our posts and promotions.
Want to attract more families to your destination, hotel, or excursion? Then let us share it with the world!

We love being able to explore new places with our daughters, photograph our adventures, and share them with all of our followers. Sharing our experiences online show our followers what it is truly like, for real people, to affiliate with your brand, showcasing us with our “real experiences”.

Having us at your hotel, destination, excursion, or adventure, there are several ways we can work together to ensure you the exposure you desire. We can write quality reviews with photographs and share our experiences both on our blog and across social media. We can add you to our Sponsors Page with links back to your website. We can tag you in posts on our social media and even create a custom hashtag for our time with you.

We are open to your ideas and can custom make the type of promoting you require.


Benefits of this type of collaboration:

  • Our readers will see us enjoying your destination and think of you next time they are planning a trip of their own.
  • We have followers from all backgrounds, but most gravitate towards travel, are middle-aged families, with have high disposable incomes. We have worked with brands across the board, low-key to luxury, and each niche fits a certain demographic of our readers.
  • Our posts will be on our site forever, continually reminding our followers of the good times we had with your brand.

We have come into amazing collaborations with destinations in the past and we look forward to customizing a trip with you. We love promoting our fun experiences with our followers.

There is nothing better than capturing that special moment, to keep for memory books and to share it with the world. Photography is a huge part of our lives and we can use that to suit your needs.

Different types of photography collaboration:

  • Show the world how your brand is “family friendly” by using our family as models. Our daughters are used to having cameras in their faces and we all know how to be “natural”, giving you the real family friendly appeal. We will gladly go to your destination, excursion, or use your brand, and put on our brightest smiles.
  • Become a brand ambassador of ours and have rights to the pictures we take using your brand. If you see a picture of us using your brand, contact me and I will gladly send you the full-resolution picture for your use.
  • My husband and/or I can be hired to be your personal photographer. Have an adventure that you would like to go on and would like to take more than selfies the entire trip, hire one of us and have your very own paparazzi to follow you every step of the way.
  • Purchase one of our pictures. If you see something on our blog or social channels that appeals to you, contact us and we can discuss the purchase of that picture.

For examples of some of the other brands we work with and how we can collaborate together, visit our Sponsors Page.

Contact Us

To further discuss how we can collaborate together, please email us at genevievestolz@gmail.com