Don’t Be Afraid Of Travelling With Little Ones. We’re Proof It Can Be Done!


With so many years of travelling with two kids, and keeping them alive all this time, we have extensively covered this subject here. Below, find trusted tips to help you get the ball rolling on a world of adventure.

Travel for us is more than just short hop somewhere and being able to say that we “went there”. We like the idea of slow travel. Of being somewhere long enough that we know the “local” secrets; we know what people actually pay for transportation, where they shop for groceries, what restaurants have the best happy hour, and where those secret beaches are.

Below you will find links to articles regarding general travel tips making you the most savvy family travellers possible. This way when your plane lands you can hit the ground running (slowly, because you have to make sure you have the bigillion bags that are required when travelling with kids!).

If you want a more detailed description of a certain spot, check out the next “Destinations” tabs, for our personal experiences, likes, loves, and recommendations.


Travelling cheaper and smarter is all about knowing a little bit about your destination before landing there. Here are our first hand experiences with these destinations. With our practical advice you should be able to plan a trip that fits your budget based on the places we stayed, things to see, and places to eat and drink.


Travel isn’t just about the destination, it’s also about making the trip comfortable and fun for all involved. This, in huge part, is dependent on the travel gear you use, how you pack, and what you choose to bring along for the adventure.

Here you will find reviews on the best gear to use to make your trip as delightful as it can be, because no one wants to spend their travel time worrying over what they did and didn’t include.


While travelling, finding the best accommodations for a family is not the easiest thing. I know that over our years of travel I have spent many hours at the computer researching different hotels, resorts, and house rentals that could best suit our family of four.

Let our accommodations be a guide to what we have found as the best places to stay for us four. Below you’ll find many reviews and articles to help you find the best prices, services and accommodation for your family.



Travelling can be such a rewarding experience, you shouldn’t let doubts or fears get in the way of that. A lot of people find the idea of grabbing a backpack and setting off a little scary, add to that a couple of kids and it may seem nearly impossible, but trust us, it’s doable. Taking that first step is the most difficult, but once you’ve done it you will never look back. It’s not always a walk in the park, you have to adapt and change your travel style to accommodate the little ones, but it is possible and it is something amazing seeing the world through their eyes.

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