Many tourists are familiar with and love Spain’s famous sites, such as Madrid, Barcelona,
the Canary Islands and Andalucia – all of these are fabulous places to visit and renowned for
being tourist-friendly. But did you know that Northern Spain offers a wealth of quieter spots
that are especially good when travelling with children? From the cleanest beaches to
luscious green landscapes, the North of Spain will win your heart. Best of all, flights to the
north are often cheaper than the more touristy counterparts in southern Spain. So there is
sure to be something for every budget too!
Below are the three top things we think Northern Spain does best – and why visiting should
be on your bucket list.



1. Delicious food

Ever heard of San Sebastián? This delightful destination in Northern Spain is world-famous
for its delicious cuisine. Some even call it the food capital of the world, as the city’s
restaurants have been awarded a whopping 16 Michelin stars to date, and the second
largest number of Michelin stars per sqm in the world. Travelling with kids? San Sebastián is
also known for being one of Europe’s most family-friendly cities, with plenty to offer for little
connoisseurs, including delicious ice cream.



2. Less tourism

Let’s face it, being a tourist is always a bit more relaxing with… well, fewer tourists around.
Northern Spain is like a secret travel expert’s dream tip when it comes to tourism. Whilst this
might have something to do with it being slightly cooler than the arid South, this can suit
holidaymakers who want to get out and about, especially if you have young children.
So, whether you are looking at booking a special romantic two-some holiday or wanting to
show the world in all its natural glory to your children, Northern Spain will not disappoint.


3. Gorgeous nature

Large parts of Northern Spain are almost untouched, making you feel as though you’ve gone
back in time to visit the dinosaurs. Additionally, the cooler weather has resulted in some
lush green parks, as well as lakes and rivers. Some of the most recommended sites include
unique locations such as the Picos de Europa, a stunning walk above an impressive ravine.
The beach at Torimbia is another recommended natural site, with clear soft sands and subtle
waves. It’s the perfect beach for families (if you don’t mind that some of the locals do attend
in the buff!) and a wonderful place to relax after a hike around the area.


Your perfect holiday destination

Convinced? Northern Spain may not have been the first place you think of when planning
your next holiday, but it might well be now. It’s a little more off the beaten track, great for
families and couples alike, offers fabulous foodie destinations you’ll love, and top-notch
accommodation that is sure to give you what every traveller strives for at the heart –