We recently celebrated Ellia’s 10th birthday. Around here the first “double digits” birthdays are slightly BIGGER than the rest. For Arias’ 10th we surprised her by renting an off-roading vehicle and she and Eben went on a father-daughter camping trip up an arroyo (dry river bed).

Ellia told us she wanted to do “something special, with just the family”.

After considering a few different options we decided that an evening celebrating her in Cabo San Lucas was the perfect plan.



The Medano Hotel and Suites

Eben and I stayed at the Medano for my birthday, and after seeing all the fun stuff they had there we figured it would be perfect for Ellia’s birthday too.

  1. It’s walking distance to the mall where the movie theatre is.
  2. It has a pool, mini-golf, crocket, pickleball court, pool tables, and air hockey tables.
  3. It has breakfast included, which is Ellia’s FAVORITE thing about staying in a hotel!

We checked in to our rooms (plural because Aunty Nene showed up for a 3-week visit the night before) and went straight down to the pool. I figured I’d spoil the birthday girl, and Arias, with a virgin Piña Colada. When the bartender heard it was Ellia’s birthday he asked “do you think she wants cake?” OF COURSE SHE DOES.

Minutes later the girls had piña coladas in hand, the birthday song came over the pool sound system, and the cheesecake was brought to the pool for her.


Our Stomachs Made The Call!

The original plan was to eat at the movie theatre, but while we were all playing mini-golf in our swimsuits, our stomachs were telling us that we wouldn’t happily make it to the 7:30 movie without eating first.

The birthday girl requested pizza. So we asked the hotel for a recommendation. They suggested Pizza Nostra which is just around the corner from the hotel. In passing conversation the waitress must have overheard that it was Ellia’s birthday, because after our meal another piece of cake (flan) showed up, to our surprise.


Movie Theatre

In the Puerto Paraiso mall, there is a Cinemex movie theatre. You can either go to the “regular” theatre or the Platino. Which is full service, recliner seats, and just fancy. We always go Platino. Because it was Ellia’s birthday and I didn’t want to run into the unfortunate possibility of the only kids’ show playing being sold out, I had bought our Sonic 2 tickets online a few days prior.

Popcorn and slushies.

We never eat this much sugar in one day, and all our stomachs reminded us of that!




The girls chose to sleep in Aunty Nene’s hotel room, so on top of it being Ellia’s birthday, Eben and I got a hotel night alone. Nice perk.

Breakfast included was the “icing on the cake”. We all stuffed our tummies, and then went back to play some more of the hotel’s free activities. Pickleball, cricket, and air hockey.

Honestly if ever you are staying in Cabo, the Medano hotel has enough activities for it to be the “main event”. (The movie theatre within walking distance is a nice bonus too!) We will for sure be staying here again.