Somehow I’m looking at the calendar and wondering where the beginning of 2022 disappeared to! How is it that we’re already nearing the end of April?!? So I looked back through our photo library (which is how I gauge our timeline), and what I see is Dance, Beach, Hike, Repeat!

Minus Eben, who has been super productive with regular work and working on our house. Thanks to him we now have curtains and doors in every room!



After the Christmas break, the girls went back to in-person school. Arias was attending 5 days a week, and Ellia was going twice a week with only half the students. She was bummed that her sister got to be with all her friends every day while she only got some. But, THANKFULLY, as of one month ago, both girls are now back in school full-time. (Face masks still required.)



The girls have started a new Urban dance class. This, added to their aerials class, now has them dancing or doing silks 5 days a week. You can imagine it has Eben and I pretty busy driving them back and forth…but I still prefer this to that long spell during the pandemic where they had no extra-curricular classes going on at all.




Just recently a friend informed me that there are more than just the two hikes that have been doing for the past 4 years! There is a whole system of mountain biking trails right near our house. And so we have been enjoying walking through the desert and taking in all the different views out over Todos Santos. (If you’re in the area and what to find these hikes, get the free Trailforks app, they’re on there.)



When the sun is out, the homework is done, and there are no dance classes on the schedule, you will find us at the beach. Because of the loaded dance and homework schedule, we are only making it out to the beach maybe once or twice a week but it’s always nice to get our feet in the sand again. The beach we have been hitting up the most recently is the one about 5 minutes from our house. It’s not swimmable (due to the waves crashing directly on the beach) but the girls always have fun jumping off the sandbanks and chasing the waves. 



Apparently, that is how our 2022 has gone so far. Eben is what throws some excitement into the regular when he installs a new door or hangs a new curtain, then we spend several days admiring it every time we walk by it. He has been doing it all on his own, the welding, the woodworking, the sewing. IMPRESSIVE.