Fortunate does not even begin to explain how we feel. Grateful. Thankful. Amazed. Happy. And On and On.


We have been living in our home for a couple of months now, working away on it while we live in it. It’s fully functional, we are living comfortably, now we are working on the “details”.

Even with the house still missing its cabinet doors, bedroom doors, toilet paper holders, curtains, and such, we still feel like we are living fancier than we ever have!

The extra fun part about it is that we did it without spending a crazy amount of money. We aren’t full of money, so we had to be smart with our shopping. We did A LOT of online price shopping. Looking for the products that we wanted, that would fit our unique style, and that would also fit our budget. I’m talking like hours spent online and in physical stores. The searching wasn’t always fun, but in the end, knowing that we made these “luxuries” work within our budget feels really good.




Eben installed our Viqua UV-water system which means all the water that enters our house has been cleaned. We can now drink water out of every tap. We could drink the shower water if we wanted to. Which for some reason the girls were super excited about!

“The Viqua UV lamps provide an economical way of treating water to reduce bacteria and viruses. UV disinfection is accomplished without adding any potentially harmful chemicals to your drinking water.” Eben installed the system himself, and within the day we were safely drinking from the kitchen tap.

Adios garrafones! (Those heavy, bought, 5-gallon water jugs we had to haul up our hill to the house.)



The Fridge

Extra bonus of having Viqua filtered water, is that we also bought ourselves a fridge that cools our water…and makes ice cubes!!!!! It may seem silly, but we have never had this kind of luxury. It’s a fun feeling knowing that we no longer have to go buy ice. Our fridge just makes it for us, from our now DRINKABLE WATER!


A Dishwasher

Eben had a dishwasher that he installed in his first house, but we pretty much renovated that house and then left to go sailing, barely living in it. That seems to be a trend for us! 

I didn’t think we needed a dishwasher. We have been doing them by hand for years. But we got one, and wow, such a luxury! I admit that I love the extra time that it gives us as a family in the evenings. No longer am I standing at the sink doing the dishes after supper, instead, we all have extra time to hang while the dishwasher does its thing.


Full Body Showers

I think Eben and I mention daily to each other how much we love our showers. The shower itself, which is amazing, combined with the water pump he installed, gives us the perfect water pressure so that we can fully enjoy these full-body showers. You want a rain shower, we got it. Handheld, yep. Body jets, those too. Waterfall, also there. It’s a full-on experience.


Rooftop Hot Tub

Of course, we can’t not (there’s a double negative for you!) feel luxurious when sitting in our rooftop hot tup enjoying either the ocean view or flipping the other direction and enjoying the mountain view. Every time we end up in there I get this overwhelming feeling of amazement, of “Wow, this is ours. We made this.”


Again, fortunate does not even begin to explain how we feel. Grateful. Thankful. Amazed. Happy. And On and On.