We ended up leaving Abraham’s Bay in Mayaguana around
8am. That was the earliest we would dare to exit the south cut with our 4.5 ft
draft. Right away we threw up our sails and started on our course for West
Caicos doing a comfortable 5 knots. The seas were kind and the winds were fair
most of the day. We did use our engine in the afternoon but were able to shut
it off again once nightfall began. We could see West Caicos as night approached
and after some conferring with our buddy boats we all decided to continue
riding the good weather and not stop there. Through the night the wind pushed
us up to 6 knots and carried us a full 40 miles at that speed.
   The following day was just as delightful although
there was much less wind in the mid day. But I much rather having low winds to
having too high of winds. We putzed along knowing we didn’t want to arrive in
DR too fast as our projected arrival time was in the middle of the night and we
would have to wait for daybreak to enter the Luperon harbour.
   It was very exciting to be able to spot the DR from 30
miles out. With nightfall I brought the girls to bed and Eben slowly crept up
on the island making sure not to get there too soon.
   At daybreak us, and our two buddy boats, all funneled
into the Luperon bay. To our surprise the place was packed. The two catamarans
found spots quickly but we tried re anchoring twice before deciding to pick up
a mooring ball. With our draft and the proximity of the boats we just didn’t
feel comfortable plopping down in the middle of it all. It was a decision that
made us all happy and I know we will sleep better at night knowing that we
won’t be running into anyone else’s boat. There were two other boats that we
were supposed to buddy boat with from Georgetown that ended up leaving before
us already moored and comfortable. And another two possible Georgetown buddy
boats pulling in right after us. All in all we made good time in good weather.
   From what I have seen so far I question what everyone
had “warned” us about Luperon. The water doesn’t look filthy, the
Commandante is not corrupt or looking for bribes, the mountains are lush, and I
truly believe we are going to enjoy ourselves here.

A beautiful site after almost 48 hrs at sea

sailing buddies s/v Jackasso 

A crowded Luperon

Fishermen, beautiful, but right in the channel