Why so secretive?

Now that the cat is out of the bag I am allowed to talk about what we were up to last week. Our good boating buddies Jody and Peter let us know that there were planning to elope on Tortola and asked if we could be there to celebrate this union. We were ecstatic for them and there was no way that we were going to miss this celebration. These two are perfect together and we have long been encouraging Peter to get her a ring!

To attend friends’ weddings we usually have to think about long flights (back to Canada), costs of travel and the visit, and how long we will stick around for. But when your friends are only a couple of islands away it makes saying YES way easier. It’s like we’re neighbours, just a few hours, and the Sir Francis Drake Channel, and we can all be together again.

To top it off, they asked me if I could take their wedding pictures for them! I spent a lot of last week reading tutorials, getting ideas, and practicing my photography skills, because although I was honoured they asked me to do this and trust my knowledge, I was also super nervous that I would f-up on their special day. All went well.

This is the only wedding picture you’re getting out of me, and I’m only posting this one because they already have as well 😉

With the timing of the wedding, and some visits and commitments we had made in St. Thomas as well, it didn’t make much sense for us to sail our boat over to Tortola. Funny right, we have a sailboat and we didn’t use it to make the island trip! But since Brittany, Scott, and fam were planning on coming back to St. Thomas the day after the wedding to see Santa Claus, timing lined up for us to hop in their power boat with them. What would’ve taken us half of a day in the sailboat, in some  rough and unpleasant Christmas Winds, went A LOT quicker by speed boat.

We took an extra couple of days so that we could hang out with the Meyer crew, because we will always take as much time as we can with those guys.

Since we didn’t bring our floating home with us, we needed somewhere to sleep (and cramming our four plus the Meyer 5 into one boat is not an option!). We had a perfect little vacation. We stayed at the Nanny Cay resort, which ended up being exactly what we needed.

We were as close as we could be with our buddies, and got the added bonus of a roomie suite with AC and a HOT SHOWER (both of those are pretty luxurious to many boaters, including us). We had never stayed at the resort before, and if we were on the docks and had friends coming to visit us, this makes for an ideal location.

They’ve got a beach, a BEACH BAR!, a pool, grocery store, restaurants, coffee shop, and a rope swing. Our kids were fully enthralled with this place, and let me say, it made parenting a lot easier.

I’m not going to give any details about the wedding day, because the married couple gets full rights to gloat about it and first dibs on dishing out the details. But I will say that it was a blast being with them on their special day and made me so happy that our friends are only an island away. (One of the joys of being in the Virgin Islands, you can’t escape us!)

I was behind the camera most of the wedding day/night, but we did sneak one pic of Handsome and I.



So fun when your friends can hop over to “your island” to enjoy the festivities there. Love being close. Happy Holidays from our slew of girls!