I love doing these picture recaps of our year because then I get to sit back and look through ALL of our pictures and recall every single crazy adventure that we have had in a 12 month period.

Because our lives never seem to slow down I had a lot of memories to sort through and select only the highlights (believe me it was really hard for me to dwindle these down to a tolerable amount to not make this picture real be hours long!).

I decided that the best way to view all of our adventures is by separating them by month, and then making two posts out of it all. So here it is,

The first 6 months of our 2016 adventures



Our year started off with making great new friends in Tanzania.


The food in Tanzania was delicious.


The beaches and kiting in Zanzibar was epic.


That time we followed Google’s GPS that was supposed to be a “MAIN” Zanzibar road and we ended up in a farmer’s field.


The 3 meter tidal change made for great sandbars.


Making friends where ever we went (this is Joel, a local Maasai)




The three days we had a private, fully catered, beach villa in Matemwe.


Restaurants like this dot the coast line of Zanzibar.


Meeting the rare Red Columbus monkeys up close.


The landing strip for our safari!


The girls’ faces made this trip AMAZING


Truly enjoyed our first ever safari


Layovers back towards our boat were colder than expected, thankfully we had sweet airplane socks!


A short stop-over in Miami to visit with long time boat friends.


Back on our boat and reuniting with friends that became even closer friends after these two survived their Tanzanian sailing adventure.


Enjoying boat life and beautiful sunsets in the Virgin Islands once again.




Back on the water enjoying his favorite sport


Getting back into our boat life


Arias continues to improver her kiting


Many March days looked like this


Meeting the Easter Bunny in the USVI




Trips the the BVI to hand out with these cuties for Isla’s birthday


Eben doing more boat work, this is a constant throughout the year


Our friend Jeff came and enjoyed some lobstering


The girls planning a sneak attack


Family photo atop Waterlemon bay


Enjoying the Carnival in STT


Carnival nights


Arias appreciating the dance moves in the parade!!!


For Ellia’s birthday we got to meet this big rescue guy and learn all about him.




It took us 6 years to get this guy to finally come visit us on the boat




He really wanted to kite!


Reuniting the boat babies


Flying to Canada


The cousins are back together


Canadian summers were colder than we remembered!


We flew back for their wedding, Eben’s sister Jaala, and his first sailing partner, Jordan.


All dressed up for a beautifully bohemian wedding


Eben heading back to the boat and the girls and I were staying in Canada


Our summer home, with our extremely gracious friends.




While on land we took part in activities like football camp


Being back in Canada gave us a lot of time with my sister, Aunty Nene


Over the summer is when we decided to take steps towards better health/fitness


We joined our friends on a few fun Albertan camping trips


Arias was so proud of her catch



That was a busy first half of the year. The next half will be posted soon. Didn’t want to be overwhelming with fun adventures!