If you missed the first 6 months of our year, this link will take you to a photo recap.

The next 6 months weren’t any quieter. Our lives took some major twists and turns that even we weren’t expecting.

Here’s a:

Highlight Photo Reel of the last 6 months of ADVENTURES


We went to visit the family property, 72 acres in the Rocky Mountains, and it was great to get back to “land” nature


Eben helped out on his brother’s build by putting his fiberglassing skills to work


Our girls were brave enough to try a 50ft rappel. So proud.


It didn’t matter to this little mermaid that the river was glacier runoff, water is water, and she was going to be sitting in it.


Going on the rides in West Edmonton Mall almost had me peeing my pants!


The WEM waterpark was a day packed full of fun


We joined friends and family in watching Arias’ godfather Marc in the demolition derby.


Alberta fields, they have such a unique beauty to them.


Campsite fireworks, they had all the kids in aw.




Summer times in Canada = farmer’s markets, and it just so happens that a good friend of ours has a table for his doughnut company at many of them


Eben’s BFF got married and we were there to watch him and his beautiful bride unite.


We took advantage of a summer on land and visited many national parks


The Drumheller Badlands, desert-like area of Alberta


The girls playing T-Rex with their little cousin Elias.


Only the second time in my life that I witnessed the Northern Lights, I was so excited, and extremely happy to get them on camera.


Purging our shipping container, where we had stored all of our former land life stuff.




We were excited, not only were we picking Eben up at the airport after a month without him, but we were also staying in a hotel!


We bought an Acre of land on the family property in the Rocky Mountain, we bought a travel trailer to temporarily live in, and we decided to start building ourselves a land home…that was unexpected!


Helping the family prep for winter by getting some firewood.


Even Ellia was helping out.


Clearing our own chunk of land in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.




We LOVE halloween, because it means we get to make DIY costumes. This year we were Santa and his reindeer.


Another Halloween tradition, pumpkin carving, and then baking yummy pumpkin goodies.


Living in Canada, up in the mountain, allows for moments like this, ice eating with the cousins.


This is quite the view, its not our exact build spot but its the same mountain range that we will look out on to.


Eben worked SO HARD, this was midway through his progress of digging out our spot from the side of a very rocky mountain.


For a solid month, if you were looking for Eben he was sitting in there.




This was the depth that we had to dig to, where we will lay the foundation for our house


This is where we stopped. As much as we wanted and could do before it got unbearably cold.


Before returning to the boat we decided to have an early birthday celebration for Arias so she could party with her cousins.


Back at the airport hotel, a familiar place for us.


We missed our Virgin Islands beaches


Getting back into our boat routines


Ellia decided she also wanted to start kiting.


We hadn’t seen these two since last season, so happy to hang with them again.


This year Arias got to celebrate her birthday twice, this one with her island family.




More friends come to visit. Meaning we got to show Lexi what our island life is all about


These two, getting into trouble, again.


It’s December, time to crank up the Christmas Cheer!!!


Decorating our boat’s mini Christmas tree.


Another fun visit to the BVI.


We witnessed these two tie the knot.


These ladies are some of the peeps that make this place so wonderful.


This guy continues to make me smile (and laugh), another awesome year married to the man I love.


This is what friendship is all about!


USVI Santa meet up, so magical.


Maybe we overwhelmed Santa with our gaggle of girls!


This year’s Christmas was pretty special, the girls were so grateful, it was heart warming.


Back on the water, working off all those Christmas treats.


The years not over yet. We are off to one of our favorite bays, Maho, to enjoy New Years Eve with some fellow boat friends. So a few adventures are yet to be had in this 2016. We will finish the year off right!