Peek inside a real family liveaboard boat.

We’ve been on and off of the water for years now and I still have huge issues when it comes to spacial concepts and getting an idea of what the interior of a boat looks like just by seeing the outside of it.

I also am not a “know it all” when it comes to boats; spit out a boat name/type and chances are I won’t really know what the interior looks and feels like. I equate a lot of this to the fact that we never went “boat shopping”. We never spent hours/weeks/years online searching for the boat that was right for us. We never sifted through the endless types and models, memorizing the pros and cons of them all. When I started sailing Eben already had 33ft Karate Labiris, and we got our 41ft Morgan Necesse because a friend came knocking on our boat wondering if we would be interested in this piece of work!   

I am nosy as can be. If you invite me over to your boat I will most likely ask for the tour. I love seeing the insides of other peoples boats, and what they have done to them to make them their home. I definitely understand that draw of wanting to peek inside.

A video is better than pictures.

Although we post a lot of pictures of our lives on a sailboat, pictures never give you the full idea. So I am giving you the next best thing (short of you coming to visit in person), this is a video walk-through of our home, our 41ft sailboat (looking into pretty much every cupboard, storage area, and living space).