Kids come with their very own little personalities. All unique, all different. Some can leave a marking impression, while some can be downright annoying (hopefully mine don’t fall into that category).

Some kids are particularly impressive when it comes to their intelligence, or their character. Some kids seem to have an incredible amount of wit, or humour. Among many other traits, mine both came with an astonishing lack of tact.

Have you ever looked at what your kids are doing, or overheard what they just said to someone and think to yourself, “OMG those aren’t mine”? I have!

These two have managed to make me blush, cower, and cover my face on more than one occasion. The comments and the reactions they get from others don’t seem to phase them, they just believe they speak the truth and that there’s nothing wrong with that…which is true, “but girls, some things are better left unsaid, or untouched!!!!”.

I don’t know if its because we are raising the girls on a boat, where we discuss everything and anything, or if simply the way they are but even over the passed week I have had a few of these palm-to-face moments.

Some of the memorable examples of lack of tact seen or overheard over the 5 days:

  • Arias to me: “You’re growing a moustache. You have tiny hairs around your lip and some are getting dark.”
  • Ellia to a new friend: “Your teeth a full of food”
  • Ellia squeezing my belly: “You’re belly wrinkles are really soft” (She actually thought this was a compliment).
  • Arias to stranger: “How old are you?” “Wow that’s REALLY old”
  • Ellia to friend: “My mom’s trying to tan her bum because she has pimples on it”
  • Arias to friends: “Why don’t you have kids? You can adopt some if you want.”
  • Ellia in front of a bunch of people: “Mama, is that a wedgie bathing suit?”



Ok, maybe sometimes I have some facial hair issues…but so does she!

And those are just the ones that I can remember off the top of my head. I’m sure there were many more when I wasn’t present. That’s 7 embarrassing comments over the passed 5 days!

Impressive, awkward, embarrassing, funny, call it what you want, but these two sure have their moments. Some, thankfully, are in private conversation between the girls and us, others, unfortunately are for all to enjoy.

So, if one of my girls is sitting on your lap playing with your moles like they are a video game, or they’re telling you how many wrinkles you have and that you’re old enough to be their grandparent, I APOLOGIZE.

I’m chalking it up to them being observant children who’s outspokenness will lead them to being fearless adults one day.



They’re lucky their cute…


Got any embarrassing moments that your kids spurred on that you are willing to share so we can all have a giggle? Go on, mine can’t be the only tactless ones out there!