Just driving up to the museum the girls were getting excited by all the dinosaurs that line the streets of Drumheller, but stepping inside the Royal Tyrrell museum is a whole other adventure.

   We made the personal mistake of going on a Saturday, and so did everyone else in the vicinity I suppose, because when we arrived we had a 30 minute line up to stand in just to reach the ticket booth. We were worried that the museum would be packed, but with the sheer size of this place you could hardly tell that every family made this their adventure spot that Saturday. 

   Once inside you are greeted by full sized skeletons of the creatures that once were. And those larger than life creatures continue on for what took us about a 2.5hr walk. The Royal Tyrell museum knows what they are doing, and do it well. Many of their exhibits are kid-friendly and even hand-on, and the ones that aren’t, are just astoundingly big! 

   Our family had a blast. We went in as a group of 10 (our family, Mel and Jair and their two little ones as well as Cyra and Sebas), and found ourselves splitting off from our group and reconnecting every now and again, simply because of different age groups and attention spans. There is something for everyone. It was so much fun seeing Arias realize how big dinosaurs actually were. And Ellia, she didn’t seemed fazed by much, but she was also kept distracted enough to be content for our entire couple of hours there. This place is great for children of all ages; I think been and Jair had more fun than anyone in the kids’ ballroom! 

   Oh and don’t miss the “live” exhibits near the end. No, not live dinosaurs but some of the weirdest water lizard things we have ever seen, and an ugly soft shell turtle. Living descendants of dinosaurs really.

So many fun hands-on games

The girls didn’t want to leave this station because “he’s talking to me!”

the cousins
the cousins striking a pose in front of the bubble wall


who’s tallest?

my favorite picture of the trip!

And to finish off, the creepy critter that still lives to this day! I find he looks like Toothless off of How to Train your Dragon