A few days ago I had a blog follower hit me up with a ton of questions about the sailing life, which I didn’t mind at all. I was glad to be able to answer as many as I could. Honestly, I still hit up other sailors with a ton of questions about areas that we have yet to discover but are on our list of places to see. Like before we took the leap from the Dominican Republic we were clueless as to which direction we wanted to sail, back North to the Bahamas, or across to Central America, or South to Windward/Leewards. So we polled the sailor friends that we knew had done it, and whom we trusted their opinions. Based on what they told us we were able to make a more informed decision. And now we are back at it, bombarding people with questions about sailing in Mexico. 

   It’s part of the “sailor way”, help each other out it whatever way you can, whenever you can. Help can come in so many different ways, fixing someone’s dinghy, lending a hand carrying all those jugs of water back to the boat, helping when someone is dragging, passing along information, etc etc. 

   Our experience out here is one of the things that we do have to offer. It is what I have to give, one of the ways I can help. Don’t be shy, if you have questions, feel free to ask them. Just keep in mind that I am also a mother of two very active girls, and so it may take me a day or two to get back to you (as I can only write uninterrupted during nap time or after 8pm, and by that time my brain is usual mush). But I will eventually get back to you, or at least send you a link to a post that I already wrote on the subject.
   A bonus of getting all of those questions was that it gave me a glimpse into what some of you may be wondering about the lifestyle. Whether you are prepping to come out on a boat yourself, or you are just curious about how we do, if one person had these questions I am sure there is at least one other person that would want to read about it. So I will use some of these questions to write some informative blog posts, or simply write short answers to questions. (And if you have any questions you are intrigued to read about that I haven’t written about before, feel free to send them my way).

   I scratch your back, and maybe someday you can scratch mine or someone else.