Are you extremely late in getting that special someone a little Valentine’s day gift? Or were you not planning on “buying gifts” but then found out your other got you something and now you are left a day before the beloved holiday with no clue what to buy. Don’t worry I’ve got your back with a few little ideas under $25 that you can run to your neighbourhood pharmacy and pick up. And with a little twist of words you can look like you had this planned all along!Sunbum sunscreen: We love this brand and use it daily. It’s not greasy, smells great, and will leave you protected from all those harmful UVs. So go grab a bottle and add a little note with something like, “Valentine’s day cards are supposed to be red, you are not.” or “Let’s start planning our next adventure together.”

Headphone splitters: As nerdy as it may seem you have no idea how many times we ask eachother, “did we bring the headphone splitters?” Not only are they great if you are traveling and want to watch a movie together, but they also are hugely handy if you have multiple kids and you want them to be connected on one ipad while the adults get a little quiet time. One of these and a note like, “Let’s have a date on our next flight.” or “With the kids occupied, what should we do?” and you are set!

Eos Lip balm: Keeps those lips soft for the kissing. This is the only lip stuff I use. They are 99% natural and go on clear. I have a handful of them in different flavours, and they even have an SPF one. Being that I have sensitive lips (I never knew but my lips swole up several times in the DR) I am now mindful of what I put on them, and I love these ones. The note for this could go, “pucker up”, or “you’re going to need this after a whole night of kissing”.

Bug Spray: You totally understand how much of a loving gift this is if you do a lot of traveling or boating. Mosquitos and no-see’ems are the most annoying thing every, so keep your loved one protected with their own bottle and a note, “No one but me should be nibbling on you.”

Camelbak water bottles: At home or while traveling I always have one of these in my bag. We all know the importance of staying hydrated, and this bottle makes it that much easier. It is durable, easy to drink out of, easy to clean, and comes in a ton of colors. Why not buy one and say, “Water is your best friend, after me of course”.

Joby travel tripod: Taking pictures is fun, but taking pictures of the both of you together is even better. A mini travel tripod could do just the trick. I need to get Eben one of these, he is always bugging me that we don’t have one, and a necessary piece of his big profession is at the bottom of the ocean rendering it useless. Give them one of these and write, “I want you by my side, always.”

Dry Shampoo: Really!? you may ask, but yes. I have been blessed with naturally oily hair and since I don’t want to look dirty and lazy, or wash my hair everyday,  I use this stuff. It can also come in handy if you are going to have several flights with a couple of layovers and no real showers. Some of this and at least you look clean! I’m not sure what note you would add to this to make it sound sexy, I just know I love the stuff!

Travel neck pillow: I have done so much travelling and this last trip I finally caved and bought one of these. I don’t know why I hadn’t done it before. Maybe because I thought they looked dorky and that I was a tough traveller and didn’t need one! But these are great. The girls used mine most of the last flight, but it did allow me to take a short snooze on our 15 hour flight while both girls slept across my lap. We have also used them in camping, and for hotels who’s pillows are just too uncomfortable. Treat your loved one to a good sleep.

Chocolate: If all else fails and your pharmacy is completely sold out of everything, get some chocolate. Even if it is just a kit kat, at least the packaging is red!

Remember that Valentines Day is not all about gifts. It’s a day to tell our loved ones how much we love them. So do that, tell them.