Our very special big girl turned 4 years old yesterday. This was an event that she was anticipating with great excitement for about six months now. She could not wait for November 27th to roll around, and when it did she didn’t even know it. As per her request a few weeks ago, we organized a surprise party for Arias, on our boat, inviting all of our cruiser friends to join us in the fun.
   While she was being entertained by friends on a neighboring boat, making a birthday cake that she didn’t know was meant for her, we were scrambling around making mermaid themed decorations and snack food for all of our guests. Everyone arrived promptly at 3pm, which for living in a tropical country it is rare that anything starts on time, but we managed. A few minutes later we heard the neighbours dinghy start up and everyone went down below to hide. She had the expected reaction when everyone yelled surprise, excited then shy, then happy when she realized it was for her. It was wonderful having all of our cruising buddies crammed into our boat to celebrate our baby, especially at a time when everyone is busy prepping for an eminent sailing departure. Arias was spoiled with gifts, two cakes, and lots of love. She had a blast playing with all the balloons and her new doll, taking turns monopolizing each of our guests, one at a time, to bask in their attention. Both her and Ellia had their sugar-energy cranked to high.
   Our monkey has grown up on the boat, being on board for three years now, with a few short breaks here and there. She has taken the live aboard life as her norm and thinks nothing of it, embracing the adventure and wonder of it all. She delights in catching critters and playing on deck, checking in with all her boat buddies, and playing with all her toys. She is an amazingly intelligent and sassy child whom we adore. And no, I cannot believe our baby is already 4.

mermaid themed decorations

art a la Eben

Ellia ate all of the black olives on the tray

when the wind blows all your candles out, you blow out the lighter

ellia trying out some of Arias’ birthday presents (the shirt)

trying out her new scooter