You are sitting on a beautiful beach, a sweet rum drink in hand, and your significant other is looking oh so sexy right about now. The boat is going to be rocking tonight! But how do you make it so that this situation doesn’t produce a new crew for your boat? There are better ways than having to just “keep it in your shorts”, and a really neat alternative if you want to steer clear of oral contraceptives. With the advances in technology these days, it is no wonder that there is a mini computer out there that can tell you when you are in “prime baby-making time” with something as simple as giving you a green, yellow, or red light. If you have ever driven a car and come to a set of stop lights, then you can figure out what those lights mean.  

   In the past Eben and I used Natural Family Planning (tracking the changes in a woman’s body to let you know where she is in her cycle). It was a personal way of controlling our family-unit size. It allowed us to better understand my body. There were no chemicals (found in other birth controls) entering my body. And it allowed Eben to better understand ME (which actually means mood swings and arousals! Like did you know a woman gets hornier when she is fertile, her hormones are in full swing.) 

   What didn’t work for us was that we were horrible at charting. We got lazy and stopped doing it. Not great if you are trying to use this method to limit the number of kids you have. So we had to find another way, because right now we are happy with 2 (kiddos).

   Then came this wonderful little device that popped up in my facebook feed. It is called the Lady-Comp. It is an intelligent fertility monitor — a next-generation computer that learns, analyzes and indicates ovulation with 99.3% accuracy, free of hormones and side-effects. I was instantly intrigued and had to get one. 

   Now the price tag may seem a little high, but with a 7 year life expectancy, if you do the math of how much you are saving on other methods in that time, and take into account the benefits of this thing, the money is WELL WORTH IT.

   This awesome, little, hand-size, computer wakes you up, allows you to take your temperature (orally, which is a different location from the NFP temps. I’ll leave that to your imagination!), and then analyzes your fertility and gives you the green, yellow, or red light for the sexy-time go ahead (or no go). I love this thing. It does all the tracking for you. There are also other little nifty functions on this computer like a built in alarm clock, graphs, and a spot to add your own personal notes (like if you had 1 too many painkillers the night before, this could affect your cycle, and your judgement). 

   It has worked for us. We can “adult snuggle” knowing what color I am. We have been using the Lady Comp for over a year now with no hiccups, and as you can see, we haven’t procreated in that time! 

  The info in this post is not a class on fertility in any way, so please do not read this and think you now know how your fertility cycle works. If you are interested in Natural Family Planning and/or the Lady Comp, or simply understanding your cycles, please inform yourself through classes, books, internet, whatever, but not through this post. I take no responsibility in your fertility, or that of your significant other’s, and what happens with it! If you make babies, that is on you.

The monitor and the manual, which I keep close at hand in case I have any questions I need to double check (this is not a subject you want to have an accident with…”oops I misread that and now I am pregnant”, no thanks!