It is hard to find the right words to describe how beautifully unique this bay was to us, so I must steal the words of our four year old. This bio bay made us feel like “magical glowing mermaids with glitter all over us”. 

   We had seen bioluminescence before, like the light glow that the dinghy would kick up in its wake as we sped across the Luperon bay, but these seemed to be of another sort. Mosquito Bay is a very visited tourist spot for the Bio Bay. There are several kayak, paddleboard, and boat companies that make a living shuttling tourists in and around this bay once the night has set in. The fun part about being a cruiser, is not only can you drive yourself to the bay by dinghy, not having to pay anyone, but you also have more freedom than if you were with a traditional tour company. We did the wavy dinghy ride over from Sun Bay to Mosquito bay, drove to the mouth of the bay and then shut off our outboard and paddled the rest of the way in. There, we met up with two other dinghies, friends on other boats, rafted together, and played around in the glowing bay. 

   I am so happy we all decided to wear our bathing suits because it would have been a huge regret to not have jumped right in. These bio bugs didn’t only glow but they glittered as well. These ones swam over our every movement lighting up like silver sparkles. Our whole family, both girls included, splashed around in the water pretending to be magical mermaids, or mermen, in the dark of night with only the water to create light for us. It is sad that our cameras were not powerful enough, or still enough, to catch pictures of the experience, but they will be forever marked in our memories. It was so much fun splashing around with the girls. And such a moment of pride, seeing both our daughters jump into the water in the pitch black of night, trusting that they were safe and in for an amazing experience. I am so glad we kept them up past bedtime for this.

   I definitely recommend that anyone passing through Vieques spend at least one night there and head over to Mosquito Bay for this beautifully magic adventure.