Ever since Eben has been back from Tanzania he’s been on the go. Someone must have lit a fire under his behind because he has turned into our veritable Bob The Builder of the ocean! The amount of boat projects that he has started and been checking off is pretty impressive. 
   On a boat there is always work to be done (unless you buy yourself a brand spanking new Helia 44! hahaha! JEALOUS!). And on Necesse, we have enough projects to keep Eben busy year round if he wanted to attack them all. I may lose my marbles if he does, but we sure would have a beauty of a boat.

   Now some have said that maybe instead of sitting back and taking pictures of him sweating away I could start handing him a cold one every 20minutes. And although that would make me an awesome wife, I think it would get quite costly quite fast, and a beer gut would ensue. So water it is. But recognition is deserved. In honor of all his hard work, and to show off how handy my man really is, I thought I would start doing “photo-dumps” every so often to showcase the “Hurricane season beautification of our ship”. 

curtains for every window, because no kid should be waking up at 6am!!
A man and his Sailrite sewing machine

Good thing the sewing machine cuts me in half, or you would see me cutting fabric in my undies.

Finished curtains!

I love the Jute Bins I got from container store, good thing we don’t live in the States, I could refit our boat out of that store! I think the curtains and those bins look great together.


Before pic: In the 5 years we have had the boat we have not touched the rails. And I don’t think the prior owner had either. Time to sand and varnish these.

Before Pic: We had to rebed most of them because they were wobbly and let rain in.

Removing these aesthetic pieces proved to be hardest, thanks to 5200!

Eben found himself a little helper for some of the sanding. I think she lasted 15 minutes!
ps. Our honda 1000 is what powered all of these projects.

Too many pieces to sand by hand, the orbital sander had to be used. Much more efficient, and quick!

Before and after sanding, what a difference.

All the wood looks awesome now that they are varnished
It was a lot of work.
After reinstalling them, he sanded again where he put in the teak plugs, and then varnished again!

Top view, finished product, so amazing.

Love, love, love how they turned out.


The buttons on our cockpit cushion had popped out. Eben just got the PressNsnap and was itching to use it!

More projects are on the go so there will be another photo-dump soon.