Tanzania, and mainly Zanzibar, has given us non-stop beautiful backdrops for us to play with our photography skills. And if I can say so myself, I think we are drastically improving and have managed to capture some beautiful pics in the month and a half that we have been here. I am extremely happy about our advancements, because as our friend Kim pointed out, pictures are an integral part of story telling, setting the mood for the words.

We have another month and a half here, where we will mostly be bouncing along the East coast of the island, being real beach bums. Since I have our camera (or Gopro if we are in the water) by my side everywhere we go, the pictures will not cease. So I thought it would be a good idea to split our Tanzania pics in half, half now and the 2nd half at the end of the trip.

It’s also fun to do a little photo diary recap of what we have been doing for the last little bit.

I don’t think we can nail down just one as our favorite, but I would be curious to hear what you think. What’s your favorite pic and why?


All together for a family selfie on our Coastal flight to Mafia Island.
The monkey came down to get a closer look at our monkeys.


Ellia was so happy to be on a plane where the windows were at her height.


Our camp for a few nights on Mafia Island.


We got rained on while snorkeling with the whale sharks.


Non stinging jelly fish on Mafia Island.


Close encounter with a whale shark with Kitu Kiblu.


It’s not often we get all four of us in one picture. @Chole Mjini


Our two story tree house.


The girls beds.


A lounge area where you just sink in.


Some afternoon card games.


The walkway to our tree house.


Tiny planes let you see it all!


Rooftop supper at Emerson, in Stone Town.


Our balcony over the busy alleys of Stone Town.


Catching a ride on papa’s shoulders.


Now this is a view. Our balcony view at Smiles.


Once again, our girls can entertain themselves without toys.


Snorkeling in Nungwi while the fishing boats head out for the night.

Visiting the Mnarani turtle sanctuary in Nungwi.


We love kiddy pools, lots of fun and a lot less stress.


Arias tried scuba diving for the first time.


Eben coaches Arias through a few minutes of scuba diving.


All that is missing is us and a few drinks in hand.


I love watching these two grow together.


It doesn’t seem to phase them that we are in a whole new country, they have adapted beautifully.


“Goodnight sun”


The lack of sun didn’t stop them, it just turned in to a later night party!


She was having a moment, all of her own.


The lanterns the restaurant sets out gives such a romantic mood.


The girls loved the miscommunication with the waiter, we ended up with 2 juices rather than one to share.


Nice view to wake up to. @Waridi hotel.

They spent most of our week there, in the pool.


A 3 meter tidal change makes for some great low tide pics.


I love the pic, she loved her Maasai stick!


The girls’ friend Parole. They played in the ocean everyday.

He enjoyed them so much.


Ellia is losing her shyness, it is so wonderful, especially here where everyone wants to pick her up!


The gentle giant!


Late evening drinks on the beach.


They were trying to decide what to play next.


7 days at an all-inclusive, good thing Eben had Sudoku.


With a handful of toys and some crocs this fish was happy.

Even in beautiful places, life can be hard for a 3 year old.


So glad for Sunuva’s long sleeved rash guards for these long days in the sun.


The ocean is this girl’s best friend. We think she is half mermain

This brave Maasai thought it would be a good idea to give our girls sticks and play chase!


One month of house sitting at this place, yes please.


In Tanzania I have found a new drink, Konyagi and Tangaweezi


The walk from our house to the market.


Ellia has been slightly more accident prone since on land.


Christmas gift shopping in Stone Town.


Taking a break for juice and a coffee.


Pizza night with friends in town. These three are quite the trio.


Sometimes the kids play down in the yard and we get to enjoy the rooftop together.




Watching the sunset from our rooftop.


An awesome DIY Christmas tree.


Paje beach.


The girls were challenged to a jumping match.


The drive from town to the east coast.


Sometimes a little time alone is needed.


Santa Claus is coming to town.


The girls found our Christmas tree that Santa had moved to the rooftop.


Christmas gifts.


The girls were so happy to be reunited with their dolls that they forgot at a hotel on a different island.


More kids’ dates.


The trio making a splash.


One of our favorite ways of cooling off, with ice cream!


Stone Town has doors like this everywhere, they are so beautiful.


A wave attacked Arias in Nungwi.


Ellia checking on the damage from the attack wave.


You know its going to be a good day when your dress matches the ocean.


Just chillin on the beach.


One of our favorite games is chasing the waves and then letting them chase us.


The forodhani night food market.


Another scrape for Ellia.


Arias is our critter whisperer.


It gets a little hot when we homeschool.


Two kids in my sights, I am happy.


Changing the homeschooling scenery.


The girls are happy to have Eben back after 2 weeks of him being away.


Ngalawa and the sunset, beautiful. (from our rooftop)


The sun just set, the moon is high, and we have a palm tree in front of us. Life is good.


Eben went out kite boarding in our “back yard”


Another beautiful place to sit and rest.


“Goodnight sun”


Who needs toys when you have a beach and an active imagination.


She loves the water.


The kids stopped moving for about 2minutes to watch the sun go down.


One day they will leave our side and go discover the world on their own.

So, which one was your favorite?