Here is a business model that we are fond of. Not everyone can start a non-profit organization, not everyone can be self-funded and a full time philanthropist, but if you have a craft, a business, why not use that business to give back some greater good. Jedidiah is doing just that. This company is a branch of the Made For Good clothing/apparel line. MFG has been around since 1984, designing, producing, and selling graphic apparel directly to retailers. However, in 2004 Jedidiah was born. After several years of having a successful business Made for Good created this “sister” brand to work hand in hand with non-profit organizations and use a partnership model to help raise revenue and awareness for these non-profits through the sale of the Jedidiah apparel.

   I think it is a great idea, one that more businesses should adopt. Use your craft as a vehicle to provide money, care, and support for those in need. You do not have to be the non-profit, just use your income-generating craft to help others. Can we make this a business must, or a law somehow? “Jedidiah is part of this new economic culture of social good and consumer driven philanthropy. ” 

   Made for Good have used their craft of designing and producing apparel to not only branch out in one brand, but instead have created several, based on the consumers desires. They have two sports inspired brands (Liquid Force and the Realm), one humor inspired brand (Public Eye), one music inspired brand (Atticus), one HillBilly nation brand (Hill Billy), one art inspired brand (Atonement), one All American brand (True Blue), one Girly brand (Beloved) and four, YES FOUR, brands that are geared towards giving back to our world (Jedidiah1LoveGiven, and Not For Sale). I give them props.

   The name Jedidiah comes from the Bible, meaning “loved by God”. And the company understands that the word religion can alienate some people; church does not have to happen within the walls of a building. It can happen in business, in living rooms, in coffee shops. Anywhere were people meet, gather and talk about their lives. It can even happen when you put art on a tee shirt. ” But whether you are religious or not, if you are going to support any business, one that is giving back to a good cause, in my mind, is already a step above the rest that are using their profits to merely benefit themselves.