Due to being hit hard by the last two hurricanes and sustaining a lot of damage from them, combined with some politics, the marina has taken a year off. In the meantime, while they are doing renovations, boats can still come and dock for free. There is no power to the docks but water hookups are available. There are still a few basic services available such as garbage disposal, showers, golf cart rentals, etc., and although the restaurant/bar is closed for business when there are enough boaters around they open the dining room for potlucks. Throughout the entire marina you will find beautiful carvings out of brain coral done by the owner himself. Everyone that we have met that has stopped at this marina have one comment in common, Bobbie, the owner, is a great guy and we wish we would have stayed longer. This place is definitely worth stopping in to see, recoup, and rest. 

brain coral turtle carving
cottages at the marine (where the showers are)

our dockside view