If you have ever looked into uv-protective swimswear for children you know it can be dizzying the amount of options out there. So we have given a few different brands a go and thought we would share  our reviews with you. If you, or anyone you know, have children and are interested in protecting those babies from the sun give this a read and/or pass it along to anyone who may want a quick-see.

This company has it all, sun protective clothes, sweet style, great customer service and clothing affordability. Its the perfect combination that not many companies reach, but Snapper Rock has managed, and done so very well. They have created clothes and swimwear that keep those harmful UV rays off of our daughters’ skin, all the while not restricting them in style or movement. Their beachwear is absolutely adorable and any one of their styles would look great on our kids. I secretly wish we had many many many more Snapper Rock sets, but I may, admittedly, have a slight addiction to cute children’s apparel. Our girls can only use a certain number of swimsuits at a time. And if their style were not enough, their pricing is completely reasonable, especially their Sale items. At those prices you could afford to buy a few of their sale items for the same price that many other companies charge for one item alone. Both our girls have a rashguard/bikini bottom set, and Ellia also has an additional sunsuit made by them. Arias’ set is stylish and age appropriate, which make me very happy. And Ellia’s sunsuit is so darn cute that if it were up to me I would put that one on her everytime we go to the beach, unfortunately sometimes I have to deal with “dry time” if we are visiting the water more than once in a day. I have noticed, however, one tiny downfall, in both girls’ outfits, grains of sand find themselves in the weave of the material, making it so the white parts of their swimwear are speckled with sand spots, but with some stretching out of the material and a quick wipe the sand falls right out. (And for all I know all bathing suits may do this, the only reason I noticed on theirs is because large portions of the girls’ bathing suits are white.) Arias told me she likes her rash guard set because it is comfy and has cute frills on it, and Ellia, when I lay out her swimwear options, she very often grabs for her Snapper Rock sunsuit. I highly encourage any parent to take a look at their website and I am sure that you will find something for your little one, that will keep them safe from the sun, and looking cool on the beach.

When we initially saw the sunsuits for kids made by Nozone, I can’t say that “stylish” was the first word that jumped to mind. But man have they ever proven themselves to be practical and we have grown to how they look on the girls. These are the suits that our girls reach for the most out of their extensive collection of swimwear. The reasons they, and we, love them so much? 1) The length of their sunsuits is perfect for long periods in the sun, like we often do, since not a lot of the kids’ skin is left exposed to the sun. This brings me to the second reason we love them so, 2) because of the length of the suits the girls do not need to be completely lathered in sunscreen, much better for their skin, and the girls patience because once they hear the word “Beach” they don’t want to have to wait another 20min while I cover them head to toe in lotion. 3) The quick drying material that their sunsuits are made out of makes it so our girls can go in and out of the water without having to sit around in soggy swimwear getting cold. 4) The baby sunsuit has a crotch zipper, which is genius if you have a child in that age range. Not having to remove the entire suit for every potty need, and the ease of putting the sunsuit on through the unzipped big gaping hole is wonderful. All companies should incorporate this. 5) We found this one out by accident, but thanks to the length of their suits we do not have to worry as much about jellyfish stings. Arias was stung while wearing another rashguard set, and after that experience all she wanted was her longer NoZone suit. Because of all that I mentioned above, we love that we can have our girls in these sunsuits and rest assured that they are protected, from more than just the UV elements. The only downfall we have had was that we found the zippers on their sunsuits have started occidizing and seizing at an earlier stage than we expected, even with extremely good care of rinsing after every use. I did address this with the company and they told me that they would look into it. Even with this zipper issue we love their sunsuits and will continue to use them.


We have some very contrasting views about UV Skins. This company makes sun protective swimwear for children in an assortment of styles and colors. Arias received a rashguard set and Ellia a sunsuit. What we really love about both their sunwear outfits are the lengths of them. On Arias’ rashguard set the bottoms are shorts, that are mid-thigh length, and when you have a very active little girl, like ours, it is nice to finally have an outfit that covers her from the sun rather than riding up her bum the entire time she is playing. Ellia’s sunsuit is full length sleeves and legs, which is perfect for keeping her sensitive baby skin out of the harsh sun. The downside is that their choice of colors, patterns, and design aren’t much to our taste. If you like the girl ruffles, or the very bright contrasting colors, then you might feel more inclined towards UV Skins uv-protective swimwear, but for us it is a bit over the top. The upside to their color/pattern choice is that you for sure cannot lose sight of your child on the beach. With a few adjustments, like removing the ruffles, I am sure that these outfits would quickly move towards the top of our most worn list, because they are comfortable and protect all the right places. We realize that it is impossible to suit everyone’s tastes and styles and so we definitely can’t penalize them for that, they are worth a look and you may find something that suits your palate.