One of the tricky parts about travel to a foreign country is the icky things you may catch along the way. These can be attributed to anything, a dirty glass, contaminated food, recycled air on the plane, bad water, an insect. Getting sick is not new to us, but this has to be one of the first times that it has hit us this quick. 

   We have been here a mere five days and our family is going down, one by one. Luckily for us we seem to be on rotation. Arias was the first to get it, yesterday. We were walking through a primary school when all of a sudden she could not keep her breakfast down. She spent the rest of the day resting, hydrating, and trying to hold some food down. And then in the middle of the night I was the next victim. It is now 4pm and I am starting to feel somewhat human again, but now Eben is the one making trips between the bed and the bathroom. All fingers (and toes) crossed that little Ellia won’t catch it. 

   It seems to be just a 24hr virus, that sucks the energy out of you and makes it nearly impossible for food to stay where it belongs. After lots of sleep and the loss of a few meals, then we were back on the uphill, and very slow climb, to being better again. The hotel owners where we are think its a virus called Nora that has been going around with tourists lately, it hits quick and is only short. So hopefully that is all it is.

   The sad thing is this is hitting us at a horrible time. Not that there is any good time to get a virus. We are at the most beautiful lodge, Chole Mjini. Our rooms are these romantic treehouses, with the perfect architecture and decor. The views are amazing, and the food is delicious, and here we are stuck in bed and spending way too much time in the bathrooms! At least when we open our eyes from our haze of sleep and sickness we have a beautiful ocean view to greet us.

Leaving Mafia Island, heading to Chole Mjini

We were greeted with coconut water and so many beautiful flowers

This is when everyone was still feeling 100%

The girls’ tree house beds

The staircase down from our double bed to the girls two twin beds.

We are extremely happy campers.

Our bed.

The lounge area. 

Doing puzzles, drinking tea, playing games. A good way to spend the day.

The most magical walkway to our tree house.