Space and smart storage are usually on the top of our boat priorities. Eben tends to hold on to almost everything in the hopes that it will help with some future boat project. I, on the other hand, am a purger. I will throw out or give away anything that we have not been using and that is taking up too much space. After our last purge of cups and water bottles we switched over to Vapur‘s anti-bottles. These unassuming rollup bottles take next to no room in our cabinets, but when full hold enough water to take out on our outings. We use them most often during work outs, that way when you are done your training you just drink it up and then don’t have to carry home a huge, heavy bottle. Eben has used his so much that the matte finish of his non-bottle has been rubbed off to the sheen underside. We also got the quencher bottles for the girls, but unfortunately Ellia is too little to figure out the sippy top, and Arias can’t open hers on her own. But I don’t mind holding on to these for when they get older since they store as tiny, non-space-taking rolls. And they are too cute to part with.

   The reason I wanted to mention these bottles is that we have found that they are excellent for sailing. It wasn’t until we took Necesse out for a little day sail a few days ago that we realized just how wonderful they are. When sailing, one of the last things you want is an extra distraction such as chasing your rolling bottle of water around the cockpit or even worse having to worry about it breaking. These Vapurs can be tossed around every which way with no fear of breakage and they have a small clip on them so you can secure them to a specific spot and know that they will still be there no matter how much your boat is heeling. Another personal favorite for Eben’s, he loves when things are quiet in the cockpit while underway, to enjoy the serenity of it all but also to be able to hear if any odd sounds suddenly start from down below requiring emergency attention, and so having a bottle that doesn’t clink and clank was pure music to his ears. We were so delighted in the sailing advantages of these bottles that we felt the need to share. Check them out.

We found the perfect hanging spot for our Vapurs