Girls and I sitting on the beach


Have you felt a lack of presence on my part? I have sort of checked out of blogging. My blog consistency has dropped from a post a week, to one every couple or few. Where have I been? I wouldn’t call it writer’s block, but more so lack of motivation to sit down and type because I have been feeling a lack of direction.


Where it all started

Thinking back on it, which I have been doing a lot of lately, I realize it goes all the way back to when we sold the boat. Sure there were still plenty of posts as we transitioned from boat life, to travelling, figuring out what came next, building in Canada, and then moving to Mexico.

Mexico. It has been wonderful. But it has left me feeling lack of direction when it comes to blogging. On a daily basis I see my computer and this feeling of guilt comes over me. Guilt that I am letting you all down, that I am not posting as often as I should. My brain starts whizzing with questions. What do I blog about if I am no longer in the unique niche of “living on a sailboat with kids”. With all the travel bloggers, mom bloggers, and lifestyle bloggers out there, what makes my perspective different? What’s my new niche? Who are we without a boat?

Instead of letting this inner conversation get negative and quitting blogging, I turned inward. I started focusing on these questions and seeing where they led me…I’m still waiting, listening, and seeing!!!

The blog will always be about travelling with our kids. I’m just looking to go deeper, to answer whatever questions you may have, to find a direction that interests us all.


Watching the sunset

In the meantime

All the questions have led me further than just “blog introspection”, but looking at myself a little closer. Which has also kept me off of the computer for a bit. I was busy going over my life with a fine-tooth comb!

My life, my husband, and my kids, I love all of those. Those aren’t what I’m looking at.

I’m looking at my habits, my routines, my inner conversations, my passions, my purpose, and my growth. No biggie right!? I’ve started down the rabbit-hole of self-improvement!

I’m not doing this on my own. I’ve got many books, coaching, Tedtalks, journaling, and yoga. I have been making small changes in my everyday which are having some big results. For instance, having “no phone” times, reducing my bad habit of “picking”, being a more focused listener, giving good quality time to the girls, etc.

>If your interested in hearing about some of the easy tips, let me know and you can follow my growth journey.<


It may take a while

My answers won’t come overnight. I have to be ok with that.

I’m not always good with things going slow. So this will be a learning process in itself! I even struggle with doing yoga, thinking, “I could be doing a harder workout right now”.

I am constantly reminding myself not to rush the process.


Sipping coffee, watching outside

As for the blog

Combine all this introspection with our daily comings and goings, travels to the USVI, playing with the kids, taking/editing/posting pictures to facebook and instagram, my time to sit and write feels limited.

I’ll continue doing as I have been lately. I will write when inspiration comes to me, letting go of guilt and accepting that I am in a transition period.

Life with the girls is never boring, and our lives don’t seem to slow. Even without really planning for it we seem to continue travelling around, far and close. So the Travelling With Two In Tow must go on! (And that makes my heart happy)