hurricane forecast


We’ve been here before. It’s hurricane season and a storm is on it’s way. Hurricane prep is underway. But this time there’s a twist…we’re on land!

Although it is still a couple of days out, and predicted to DISSIPATE, we are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Bud (currently a Cat3) which is heading in the direction of the Baja Peninsula. At this point I am trusting the forecasts and not getting too stressed about it. BUD should be a tropical storm by the time it reaches us.

>>Side note: What a horrible name for a storm! Bud’s not my bud.<<

But with hurricane history under our belts, I am still prepping, because even a tropical storm can wreak havoc. Or cause some avoidable headaches.


sailboat tied in the mangroves

Hurricane On Land

We’ve prepped and gone through a few hurricanes. We’ve gotten to know the boat prep routine. Tied the boat in the mangroves for storm safety. We’ve taken shelter in friends’ houses. And Eben even went through Hurricane Irma last season (the strongest recorded hurricane in Atlantic history).

But this time there is no boat. We’re on land.

I have this cocky confidence thinking “haha I’m on land, it can’t be worse than on a boat!” I see myself laughing in the face of the storm. LOL I promise I won’t go out and actually do it!

In all reality though, I am still prepping. There is no point being foolish about a storm, of any size. And it’s not like this stuff is going to go to waste if the storm ends up being nothing but a rain shower.

Today I drove around town “prepping”. (I wish there could be a map of me driving around town because, between dropping the girls off at school, and waiting for certain stores to open, I am sure I did a few ridiculously loops!)


Here’s what I got:

– extra drinking water

– canned food

– filled the car with gas

– extra fruits and veggies

– pulled out the bins to pre-fill with wash water


Other things I have to do still:

– charge all phones, laptops, iPads

– pull out candles and flashlights/batteries

– bring buckets into the house (because we already know of a few roof leaks)

– get landlord to take the unattached terracotta tiles off our roof so they don’t turn into a flying danger


Eben after hurricane Irma

Poor Eben

Although I am not too concerned about this storm, given the forecast predictions, Eben is pretty stressed. He is not here with us. He is still in St Thomas, USVI. Although I keep reassuring him that things will be ok, he pretty much went through the worst of the worst last hurricane season, and can’t help but have his mind wander back there.

He worries about the girls and I going through this storm alone.


Don’t worry we are not alone. We live right in town, with our landlord a few houses down from us. Pretty much in the safest spot we could be.


To make sure we are as safe as can be, Eben keeps sending me texts with different prep things I should do, to keep us comfortable during the storm, and after. “Prep as though the power and/or water will be out for a while. Prep as though stores won’t open immediately after. Make sure to keep at least one bed dry because you’ll want to be able to sleep well.” And so on.

I completely understand his worry. It’s hard going through a storm on the “outside”. I went through it last year when he, and MANY of our friends, went through Irma and Maria. You feel helpless. Like a scared bystander. Just waiting and watching. 


girls sleeping

We’re OK

With the forecast being the way it is now, there is no huge worry. We are prepped. We are watching NOAA and Windy app and are making decisions as the days progress.

And we have a few “Plan B’s” if BUD were to surprise us all and stay full strength.

– I have contacted friends that are here that have invited the girls and I to go stay with them if we feel the need.

– There’s always the possibility of quickly flying out of here before the storm comes.

– And, like I have reminded Eben and other friends, this is not an island, we can always jump in the car and drive North, North, North. (As long as the roads stay in good condition).

But again, it is not forecasted to stay full strength.


Now that I am prepped, all we can really do is watch, wait, and keep an optimistic attitude. As of right now the storm pass over us on Thursday night. 


Girls on the beach