They’re sailors, they’re pirates, they’re engineers, they’re adventurists, they’re explorers, they’re artists…but sometimes they just want to be princesses too. So we made that happen, with things we had laying around. This may have been one of the more basic projects we have done but it provided the girls with about 1hr of crafting time, and days of Royal Fun.

Princess Crowns

What you’ll need:
– 1 (finished/empty) toilet paper roll
kids paint
– needle + thread

  • Using the scissors, cut toilet paper roll into your desired crown shape
  • Decorate your crown with the kids paint 

  • Set aside to dry. This was the most painful part, the girls asked me every 5 minutes if their crowns were dry and ready to wear!
  • With the needle poke two holes, opposite each other, at the base of the crown. Tie a long piece of thread through each of those.
  • Crown your child and use the thread to tie it under their chins.

  • Pour yourself a glass of wine and watch them entertain themselves for an hour or two!