Want to know what it looks like to live inside a 41ft sailboat? Here is a picture-post to show you just what our workaboard sailboat is all about.  This way everyone can get an idea of what we live in full time, and the amount of work that my dear husband has put into this boat to make her our home. So go ahead, take a snoop, I’m giving you permission! 

   I also thought that this could be fun to show some prior and current shots as we are going to have some major upgrades in the very near future…but I am keeping those a surprise for a later post, so make sure to keep checking in with us!

A Few Of The Before Shots

After we de-cluttered the boat from its prior own this is what we were left with.

The old settee cushions were stinky, dark, and dirty.

The old counter tops we scratched and stained.

Installing the bunk bed.

Ripping out the old backsplash.

Sanding everything to repaint.

Repainting the headliner.

Ripping out the bathroom countertops and mirror.

Installing a hallway door.

And Some Of The After Shots

All the work on the boat was done by us. ALL OF IT!

Redone settee cushions, much cleaner, sewn with our Sailrite LSZ-1.

The table drops down to make a queen size bed.
Repainted headliner. We also vinyled the walls, and added chalk board decorations.

Toy storage and curtains to keep the girls sleeping in later.
The bunk bed at the foot of our aft bed where the girls slept when they were smaller, and where they end up when we have guests that take over the vberth.

Our aft cabin bed.

We upgraded to Cariloha bamboo bedding. SOFTEST bedding EVER!

The new shiny countertops.
Our shower.

Bathroom decorations.

Our new kitchen counter tops.
Eben made floor pieces with mahogany in the DR.

Sanded and stained and reinstalled the old door

He also made wind scoops for the main hatches, that have integrated flaps so rain can’t get in, and bug nets to keep the mosquitos out.

Outside Of The Boat

Our “car”

Proper cockpit cushions that we LOVE. 

Adding new lights

Sail repair.

Dock boxes for extra storage.

Finally getting the letter on, thanks to Do It Yourself Lettering

As a Christmas surprise Eben added our personalized logo to the front of the boat.

Our latest upgrade, the dodger.