I hate to call her a pack mule, a name she gave herself, but in essence our friend Brittany has been just this and more for us. She made it feel like Christmas on our boat last night. Our gem of a friend went back to the states and received many emails on our behalf of certain products or pieces that we would love to have if she had the room in her luggage to bring back to us.
    Eben was all excited about the new tools and pieces he received that were missing to finalize some projects. Arias modeled off her new rash guard for us, and Ellia wore her sunglasses a full five minutes (which is impressive for a child that will not wear any sun protection without throwing a fit.)
   Not only is she Santa Claus, a good Karma Embassador, and a great friend all rolled up into one, but she is a blessing since without her help we wouldn’t have been able to complete our autopilot project on time for our expected departure.
   Now for our next pack mule, Jaala Stolz, watch out! Actually with our near future destination being the DR I think that we will be able to get most of what we are accustomed to back home from their big box stores that our pack mule demands may not be as many. But no matter where you are, as long as you are on a boat there is always something from back home that you wish was more accessible in your new dream destination. Thus the job of pack mule will always thrive on.