Being that we have two young children aboard, our medicine cabinet has a wide variety of items in it. We have tried to stock up on things when they were accessible just in case something pops up while we are in a remote place and need meds at hand. We have everything from children’s Tylenol to cough medicines, Cipro to princess band aids. But the one item that we do keep stocked that many back home may not is Superglue. It is probably one of the most used items in our safety kit, not for the girls, but rather for Eben. We use it for any type of cut that needs to be closed immediately to keep the outside world of sand, sea salt, and dirt out. Superglue is also used back in Canadian emergency rooms to close up wounds instead of stitches, when that’s option. And when working on a boat small wounds seem to be a pretty common thing, especially for my husband. People usually chuckle when we tell them about our superglue secret but for those that we have convinced to use it have discovered for themselves how amazing and practical this product truly is.
   A few days ago I got to use this magical substance for myself when I cut my toe open on a conch shell. Superglue to the rescue. It helps keep my cut closed and everything out of it since I am constantly in the sand and water with the girls.