The decision to change our boat name when we bought it
was important to us. We wanted the name to be something we chose, and not just
whatever it came with. Being that it was our second boat, and we hadn’t renamed
the first, we often discussed different names for our “future” boat.
When time came we went through the full renaming rituals, which include
removing the old boat name from everything in the boat, etching your new boat
name into a piece of metal and throwing it into the ocean, reading a script to Poseidon,
and breaking a bottle of champagne over the boat, leaving just the right
amounts for the guests and the water gods. We are not very superstitious people
but when it comes to the ocean and all it’s power we figured better not take
any chances at getting bad JuJu because we missed a step. Once we had carefully
followed all the steps we renamed our boat Necesse.
    Necesse comes from
Latin meaning Necessity. We chose the name for two reasons. The first being
that it was a Necessity for us to get a bigger boat if we wanted to continue
this trip with our growing family. And two, Necesse came from an old sailing
story/saying that Eben loved. “Navigare Necesse Est, Vivire Non Est
Necesse”, in short meaning “to sail is necessary, to live is not
necessary”. Which was shouted out by Plutarch when he was commanding his
ships to sail through rough seas to bring food from Africa over to Rome when
hundreds were dying because of a famine.
   Since renaming our
boat it’s name has been butchered in many different ways by people over the
radio who are not sure how to pronounce it, but we are still glad that we made
it our own.