Both Eben and I love to cook. When we had a house with plenty of space we had a small herb garden in our kitchen, so that we always had fresh herbs on hand to add that extra touch to our meals. We haven’t quite found the space on the boat to have our garden, and it is one of the aspects that we dream about when we discuss someday returning to land. 
   I, myself, am horrible with plants. I am busy enough with our life and trying to remember to feed us, never mind an inanimate plant hiding in the corner. Then a year ago when I was perusing online trying to find a spectacular Christmas present got Eben to make me the most awesomest wife ever, I came across Click and Grow. Here was the answer to our onboard plant dilemma.  For somewhere around $30 you receive a small white box, that looks very much like it belongs in the Mac/Apple family, and your path to easy gardening is almost complete. Honestly, these things only have three steps. 1) add batteries, 2) add water to the fill line, 3) place in a sunny spot.  It is already loaded with the dirt and seed cartridge. The box does the rest. It has a small light on the front that flashes every five minutes letting you know how it is doing. Green light = all good, Blue light = needs more water, Red Light = needs new batteries. The box has a sensor inside of it which reads the moisture in the dirt and feeds the plant on its own whenever more water is needed. You just get to sit back and watch them grow, and reap the benefits when the herbs are grown enough to start eating.
   Right now we have two Click and Grows, a basil flowerpot and a tiny tomato flowerpot. I already have recipes and plans for what is to become of them when they are big enough. They make great gifts, especially for the horticulturally challenged, and have added a little greenery to our boat.

Add water
Basil on the left, mini tomatoes on the right