Nothing like having guests coming to visit, and having an eminent departure date, to get the fire going under your procrastinating behind. Now that we are back from the resort and figure we have about a month or so before we head to Puerto Rico, we started going over our list of projects that we wanted done while we were here, and it seems that many of them are still on that same to-do list. So after four months of “getting local” as we like to call it, it is time to start moving our little tushes again. Our list is long and not all of the projects are mandatory before our departure, but some just make more sense to do here. Such as woodwork since lumber is cheap, or finishing up the vberth since we are expecting more guests in a week.
   Today started our “Procrastinating No More” time. Eben drove an hour and a half to Santiago to hit up the lumber store and Ochoa, the hardware store. He was out scavenging the pieces needed to build a hallway door (to not bug our guests with little toddlers in the night), and to build wooden vents/covers for some empty holes the prior owner put in random accessory walls. While he was out in the chaotic streets of Santiago, dealing with the traffic, heat, and smog, I was on the boat manning the kids. While they napped I went into turbo speed to tape and paint the vberth headliner. It was not in dire need of painting but I have repainted the headliner in almost the entire boat, and it just gives it a newer, cleaner feel. (I have yet to repaint the galley/salon headliner merely because the amount of taping it will require is completely daunting to me.) I knew I only had about an hour to an hour and a half until the girls woke up so I gave it my all. I despise taping, it is such a necessary waste of time. There is no way I would go without doing it, since my painting has no strategy to it, it’s a confused mess that ends with everything being painted, so tape is needed.  In the noonday heat, nap time, i expected the worst, so i dropped down to my underwear to keep somewhat cool and started. (Eben loves when i paint in this attire, too bad he was in Santiago, but I got more accomplished without his viewing eyes around.) By the time the first one woke up I was a sweaty stinky mess, but nearly done.  I managed to entertain her with some toys and crayons for a few minutes while I finished those final touches. 
   Although the headliner was not on our to-do list I felt productive today and I think that our next guests will appreciate it, especially since this is the same guy that helped us sail her when she had had none of her cosmetic work done. I hope he notices her face lift.

Just to show that I make a mess when doing projects too
All taped up and ready to paint
Wet paint drying. Only a touch darker, enough to hide certain imperfections
Headliner with new paint job. Looks much better
(Kurtis and Bri are our next guests set to arrive)