Storage space being one of the top things lacking on most boats, be it from simply not having any or from the space you have already jammed packed full of “boat stuff” and “life stuff”, the little storage area you may have left cannot be wasted on measly impractical things.  Trying to keep all of our things in the “useful” and “used” categories we keep only what we deem to be great. We cannot be wasting precious space. Bags, used for whenever we go off the boat and venture in terra firma, are absolutely needed for our gipsy souls. We have come to love four bags in specific. These four kinds/brands are ours as they serve us well on very different types of outings.

Gregory Duffle Bags
For when we decide we need a break from the boat and are headed out for an extended amount of time, these duffle bags are hugely helpful. We own both the 95litre and the 115litre bags. They are sturdy duffle bags whose handles can either be attached together for carrying by hand, or can be used as two separate straps to carry as a backpack. Either way, we can stuff them full of all our belongings and trust that they will hold up, keep the water at bay, and be easy to carry. Importantly they are huge enough to carry the belongings of two adults and two kids all in one unit for about two weeks of dressing. When they are not being used they roll up and fit into tiny storage bags that they come along with, making easy to use and easy to stow. Perfect.

Dry Bags
We have a plethora of these, ranging from 5litres to 70litres. Most of the ones we own are the typical basic drybag with the roll and clip top that we purchased from Mountain Equipment Coop, a Canadian coop. They are thick and last a while through lots of comings and goings. They don’t get much use out here but when we were in Miami or Georgetown, or anywhere with a bigger bay of sometimes chaotic water to cross before reaching land, they were our trusted sidekicks. How beautiful was I in trendy Coconut Grove, Miami, with my dry bag as a purse. Our largest one, the Slogg, comes equipped with backpack straps and a waist band, and we use it to cart our dirty to clean clothes to and from town, keeping them dry the whole way back, thus avoiding the hanging of clean clothes on the safety lines to dry off from the salty crossing.

(with all our clean clothes inside)

Sailor Bags
A day backpack that can hold all of our electronics, diaper bag needs, and “extras”, and still look good, check. These bags were created tough, made from sailcloth material and are super comfy. We use our bag for everything from day excursions into town or the beach, to our accompanying pack on our road trips. On extended travels we trust it to be the temporary home to all of our toys, computer and iPads, and keep them safe as we drive around. These durable bags are resistant to water, stains, and abrasions and are an ideal accompaniment to our busy sailing and child rearing lifestyle. We honestly have nothing but praise for this backpack.

Cass Michelle Purse
For those days when we are just running into town for some errands, or for when I feel like leaving the “salt” look behind and being a little girlier, a cute purse does just the trick. I have a very talented friend who started her own company making custom purses, beach bags, and totes. I feel honored to carry one of her purses around and I look good doing it. She started the company from the realization that she could create these beautiful items with the skills she had and could make them unique with that boat flair that many seek out. And she is not just faking the nautical part, she and her boyfriend, have been captain and crew ever since I first met them, four years ago. If, like me, you prefer supporting the smaller and unique companies out there, she is one to look into.

Four bags for four different situations, all serving a different purpose but all equally important in our minds, none of which we consider to be taking up other items’ space, each having earned and deserving their spot. These bags have reached our boat worthy rank.