It is hard to describe Haiti, for a few different reasons. The fact that this was our first trip, that it was a short stay, and that we only went to three areas, makes it that I do not want to generalize for an entire country. But I can say that this trip touched us and we are very thankful to Live Different for giving us this opportunity.

   So instead of trying to describe it, I decided to let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy.

Cap Hatien

pieces of meat in a wheelbarrow

garbage and sewage along the street

dead and abandoned vehicles

public transportation, the TapTap

just outside of the city

cactus clothesline

bags of coal for sale along the road

very strong UN presence in this area

selling gasoline

our bus

our hotel


all aboard the boat

a little water fight between our two boats

Calvaire (the school we worked on)
look at those boots

ankle deep in cement

getting the cement to the rooftop

Junior, one of our translators

Ellia and her mignons!

the classroom (on a Sunday, hence no students)

view from the school


the principal introducing Arias to the school

bamboo used to hold up the roof frame until the cement hardens

Ellia discovering her friend

Arias was a hot commodity, they all wanted to touch her skin…

and her hair

for our going away party the students brought their desks outside and we served them chicken, rice, and beans

this guy had a blast playing with Eben’s arm hair, twisting and pulling it

after a while the girls got a little overwhelmed with being touched, so we headed home